How to untangle the hair of the dog?

Combing (which in the absence of nodes is actually brushing) is a fundamental act of grooming.There is even the first and simplest form.Especially before the bath,where all nodes,or at least vast majority must have been removed. Otherwise,it’s a catastrophe,the knots are tightened as a result of water,then drying,and mowing becomes the only solution …

Untangle layer by layer

Specifically,you are in front of your dog.Start by thoroughly trounced by using the card hard,taking care to have a very fast movement but little support,which will allow the card to unravel layer by layer,without its being pinched barbs in knots over deep.Speed ​​is paramount,and we are often anxious to see a professional groomer handle the card,because it feels like to rub the dog without mercy.In fact,the gesture is very fast but does not extend to the skin.It is effective but not dangerous.This operation is also a characteristic sound,one of the pins of the card that catch the hair surface and unravel,in both directions (in the direction of the hair but also against the grain,especially on the legs).

untangle the hair of the dog

Then do strand by strand

When you see that you have “cleared” the surface with the card lasts,or the contrary,you grow more with this tool you can use the swimming crab,strand by strand, taking the hair at the base of the skin so that the dog is not suffering too.This is long and difficult,but by attacking each strand at the end to rise gradually to the skin as it unravels,it is a safe and effective method.

It is also tolerable for the dog if we take each strand properly for not pulling the skin along the hair.Once you have removed enough fluff in this way,it is time to return the card with the same gestures takes some quick support.Once the majority of disentangling done,we move the comb to “flush out” the last hidden nodes.Remember to keep the comb perpendicular to the skin (90 °),thus avoiding pinch and pull hair unnecessarily.

The technical area by area

If the body (back,flank,rump) is generally not a problem,we must take special precautions with some areas more vulnerable,less accessible and therefore more difficult.The top of the head has a thin skin,and blushed very quickly if we do not take care.A good solution is to proceed area by area,as a hairdresser,gradually discarding the top of the hair to penetrate and remove nodes to the skin.

Again,the alternation of the card,the comb and the comb ensures success.To reach nodes often severe under the ears,keep them in the air by hand (or possibly using a clothespin).Access to the underside of the belly is done by holding the front legs (in hand),and drawing up the dog on its hind legs (and brush it on the other hand).The upper legs (thighs and shoulders) to brush without too much difficulty (but not too much pressure) in all directions (up,against the grain,down in the grain, and sides).For the lower legs,pull the leg in extension by holding the foot,and quickly brushing the other hand, against the grain.Allowing further access to the inside of the legs.Finally,the tail is held firmly at the base and carefully combed and carded.

Helping scissors

If you are faced with very difficult knots,but you refuse to mow,you can use scissors,but according to a precise technical!Not going to simply cut the knot at the base,horizontally,as you would have a huge “hole” totally irreparable,and the worst effect.To keep the example of the ears,split the node rather delicate question in the longitudinal direction (vertical),open (by spreading it with your fingers),then tangles with the comb,and finally the comb (in this respect,the rotating tooth comb has virtues quite convincing).Do the same on the legs,where nodes are often cut holes catastrophic!

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