How to teach your puppy not to bite

We’ve talked about how to prevent your dog biting t us things , but what happens when our dog or puppy bites us? We can not allow our pet becomes an aggressive dog accustomed to bite our hands first with those teeth so sharp and so it is very important to educate since they are puppies. You want to target these tips to how to teach your puppy not to bite.


When your dog is puppy is normal to want to bite all because you can further to disturb the gums, is part of a proper process of growth . You only need to teach him to quit and prevent problems later in life.

how to teach your puppy not to bite

Distinguish when your dog bites you playing or gum because it hurts a strong bite because he is angry. If you pressed, you must make immediately understand that you disapprove.

If you still biting your hand is because he has misunderstood your reactions and think it is not bad what you do and you approve.

The moment your dog bites you, say “no” firm and strong. Thereafter Ignore him.

If you can still biting a sharp cry , almost imitating the howl of a dog when you hurt, so he will stop biting associating the screech of pain. If you stop biting you and congratulate you should keep playing avoiding bite you.

When you see your dog has calmed down, approach him and Caress talking smooth and easy. Just do not put your hand near its mouth to prevent biting again. If you are bitten again, returns to tell the resounding no longer ignore, you can this time, stay away too.

Avoid playing with your dog with aggressive games that involve to tease or bite you, because then associate the game with the action of biting .

If biting behavior persists, have on hand a spray bottle with water, which only has the effect of spray , jet ever. Thus you can spray your puppy when you bite from a safe distance to scare you a little. Thus to associate the water scare bite, slowly may be referring it to avoid the consequence of water associated with biting action.

When your dog to behave properly praise your dog for good behavior with affection and a prize bauble for dogs. But not abused.

Give her toys your dog rubber so you can bite. Teach you should chew toys and not people. When you change your direction toward your hand or something else other than their toys say a resounding no and when I return to heed his praise her toys.

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