How to take care of a dog

They get hot days , and as we must prepare wearing lighter clothing to relieve hot flashes, or increasing the intake of water to avoid becoming dehydrated, our dogs also require special care to stay healthy during this intense season. But what measures should be considered in this period ? We explain how to take care of a dog in summer and ensure their health.

how to take care of a dog


During the summer, as in any other season, is very common to go out for a drive with our dog. But suddenly we feel the need to lose a moment the car is where many owners commit a terrible mistake: leave the dog in the car.

In summer temperatures rise so that within minutes your pet may suffer heat stroke, suffering from breathing difficulties, few minutes under these conditions can lead to death. During this season you never leave your dog in the car , even for a brief period.

If you go for a walk, jog or exercise with your dog, you should help you increase your water intake . During this time due to heat and physical exertion at high temperatures is more likely that the animal dehydrated. Always carry a special canteen for your dog, and when you see it starts to stick out his tongue insistently, give him some water. Let drink until you feel satisfied.

Some people think that make life easier for your dog if, before the arrival of summer, cut their hair, believing it will be cooler. The reality is that our dog coat helps to protect from the sun , so that by doing this we would be leaving exposed. It is best to cut your hair in spring or autumn.

If you are constantly out with your dog maybe should protect from the sun. It is best to go out with him in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is less intense, and avoid to burn their paws with asphalt or heat affect him too. But if the plan is to take a walk or to the beach later in the day, you should have an umbrella or shaded space so that it will safeguard and do not walk too.

Never apply sunscreen human animal , this is very dangerous for your health. If you want to wear protective sunscreen, consult your veterinarian what the options are.

During the weeks of greatest heat you should decrease the amount of exercise you get your dog if he is old, is overweight or has a too thick coat . Thus avoid exposure to extreme situations that may affect your health.

And if the plan is to walk through the countryside or mountains, remember that in summer increases the presence of insects and parasites , making your dog more vulnerable, so it is important to prevent fleas and ticks increasing care.

If you notice that your dog looks exhausted, lethargic, constantly sticking his tongue out, if you are dizzy, vomiting or drops to the floor, it is important to attend to immediately lowering the temperature of your body, it has possibly been the victim of heat stroke.

Bring to a site with shade and plenty of water applied preferably fresh in your head, neck and torso. Let drink water and do not forget to refresh your entire body. Once the situation is a little more controlled, carrying the animal to the vet for a full review.

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