How to stop dog barking

The barking of a dog is a nuisance for both the dog owner and their neighbors. Technological devices that emit an ultrasonic sound is used to prevent dogs from barking by returning a painful sound whenever the dog barks. The units have tones audible to humans and dogs and other tones audible only to dogs. Use an ultrasonic apparatus teaches dogs there is a negative reinforcement for barking.


Find a place outside pointing to areas of your garden where your dog barks often within 50 feet (15 m) of the dog play area. Dogs tend to bark at people or animals walking. In front of the doors or near the trees where animals live can be good places to point the device when the dog barks.

How to stop dog barking

Select the microphone sensitivity in the ultrasonic apparatus. Some devices have more than one level to send the sound to the dog when the barking sore a certain decibel level.

Put a clock function if your device has it. Some devices let you choose the hours, such as when you’re at work or sleeping to control the barking dog, leaving the dog to train and correct yourself the rest of the time.

Install the unit with the speakers pointing to your dog. For example, if your dog is constantly running to the door and barking at people passing, want to put the speaker behind the mailbox or door. You want noise go to the dog, not your neighbors.

Leave the appliance on for it do its job. This is an alternative to shock collars or other reprimands. Increases sensitivity if your dog keeps barking without reprimand or consequence.