How to help a lame dog

A crippled dog is one who limps, is lethargic and has difficulty moving or walking. A variety of conditions can cause lameness, from arthritis to deadly diseases. It can affect a dog overnight or gradually over months, depending on the cause. Veterinary treatment and care is essential to help the dog effectively.


Take the dog to the vet. Only able to diagnose the cause of your dog limping and recommend appropriate treatment or medication. Acute lameness occurs in a few hours or days is usually resultdo of wounds , such as cuts in the legs, torn tendons and sprains. Males as Lyme disease and degenerative joint conditions can cause lameness over a period of many weeks or months.

 How to help a lame dog

The medicine or supplement recommended. Some illnesses require antibiotics or anti-inflammatory, while others only break. Lameness improved age-related supplements for joints. Talk to your veterinarian before administering any medication or supplement.

Improvement and make the space more comfortable your dog. For example, a raised bed is not suitable for a crippled dog. Dogs with stiff joints or injured are particularly sensitive to hard surfaces, so you can ease your discomfort buying dog beds of good quality, or at least some fluffy blankets.

Keep meticulously veterinary treatment. Certain injuries require rest, physical therapy or modified exercises. Maybe your pet adore playing but as responsible owner must limit dangerous or aggravating activities until the vet says it is possible to perform them.

Searching for follow-up treatment to the vet and you resolve the cause of lameness. Report any change in the condition of your dog to the vet and do not wait for more serious problems arise.