How to care for my dog

Veterinarian and nurse examining dog

Having a dog at home is a big responsibility is a new member of the family. A dog needs a lot of love and companionship and games in particular are very significant in its growth for in addition to food and shelter course. The first thing to consider is to look for a corner to puppy sleeping blanket bed etc. It is suitable to have a wicker basket because they can bite and seriously injure in your teeth. The dog must have a collar after six or seven weeks it has to be of a material that does not damage the skin of the puppy on a leash. Poe meant a cabinet where you keep vitamins and medications.

Veterinarian and nurse examining dog

To put a name the puppy is sensible to call him from the early days with the same name. Ought to be a short and sonorous name as monosyllables are easier to learn and the animal responds better. Teach puppies to relieve themselves outside requires a lot of time and endurance there is no need to punish him. At first, the animals can get used to make their need at a specific location of the house such as the bathroom.

The bathroom in the animal is necessary to their quality of life. The veterinarian indicates when to make the puppy’s first bath after you have put all vaccines. If the puppy lives in an apartment it should be bathed in 7-10 days in its place an animal that is more outdoors will be bathed less frequently. Must be very cautious with the legs of the animal take it to a groomer for cutting nails it is not necessary to cut the nails if the animal performs exercises but you need to check closely the condition of their feet. The ears need to be cleaned at least once a week with barely damp cotton. Eyes should be washed frequently, use warm water they can also use chamomile tea or salve weekly.

The crusts may be removed with the cotton or clean hands. It is recommended that the teeth will make a massage by mixing baking soda and lemon drops it is essential to every so often remove tartar. The vaccines are prepared by immunizing biological acting body’s natural aptitude to help defend against viruses and bacteria. Its function is to caution. Vaccines must receive the animal are: 2 months Parvovirus three months six fold, four months six fold and finally six months Rabies.