How to care for a stray dog

How to care for a stray dog

If this is your situation you should be aware that due to the conditions in which he has lived grown animal the care you need and how to relate to you would be dissimilar from a dog that has grown up in an environment controlled. Dog care is very essential here we will discover you how to care for a stray giving you a few tips that will help the integration of the animal in your life as easy as possible.


Before deciding to adopt a stray dog it is important to know that the source can come from dissimilar types is not the same as dealing with an abandoned dog with one that has always lived on the street for example. Here we discover the situations in which they can find the animal that lives in the street you will notice that a dog is lost because you notice nervous turning without really knowing where to go. They do not more often than not sniff places where they walk and notice anxious.

How to care for a stray dog

Abandoned dog: his attitude also perceives a nervous and a little scary trend. The animal will try to go home but cannot find the way to do it. If the abandonment has been recently, his relations will be very similar to that of a stray dog but if it takes longer at notice how your attitude towards people is very affectionate unless you have received some mistreatment.

Animals that have always lived on the street, the majority of them tend to be a mixture of different races. It is very difficult almost impossible to find a purebred dog that is street if you meet on the street most likely be two of the options described above. The attitude of these dogs is more suspicious about humans and will most of the time sniffing for food. At the time when you find a stray dog will have to get close to him quietly and carefully so that the animal does not leave running, or worse end up having an aggressive attitude with you. Capture these animals to bring them home or to the vet is not easy so we offer a few tips that will get you the easy approach:

Come slowly watching every move him to respond. The most common is that or put to tremble growling or put their tails between their legs. These signs are normal because the animal does not know you at all and you do not know your intentions. So go slow, let me smell and respects your space. To capture a stray dog you can follow technique blanket. Note that these animals are not accustomed to human contact and so their aggressive reaction can be so very careful. The method is to throw a blanket over the dog to cover his eyes so it does not feel threatened and feel calmer. You can also try to approach him with food so you know you are a friend.

Particularly while you are approaching it, do not look directly into the eyes because for the animals this look is challenging and authority. If you can, give him something to drink and eat to begin to trust you. Once you have managed to capture the dog have to get immediately, a veterinarian because stray animals are exposed to diseases and poor hygienic conditions that endanger the animal’s health and yours. The most common diseases of dogs living on the streets are: