How to care for a dog with a broken leg

How to care for a dog with a broken leg

We should take care of our dog properly. If your dog has broken a leg is important that you go to the vet as soon as possible to examine the severity of the fracture and immobilize the area. However, your care will also have plenty to see in the speedy revival of the animals why in this post we give you a few tips that will show you how to care for a dog with a broken leg that will assist your best friend recovers as soon as possible.


You can detect if your dog has been injured leg because you see that hobbles which is more time lying and complaining when you step in a real way. Depending on how serious the break the symptoms will be more or less evident but it is essential that as soon as you detect that your animal does not walk normally you will seek veterinarian to examine you and help you expose what happens.

How to care for a dog with a broken leg

If you have first aid skills, you will lock the dog broken leg with a bandage or cloth to thereby avoid being broken into more pieces. However, if you do not know how we advocate that you do not touch the leg and bring him to the vet immediately as it could be a remedy worse than the illness. However, if we talk about a break in long bones such as the for example, they break the tissue and healing will be long and complicated. In fact, it is quite common that necessary the use of a cast or even surgical intervention is necessary. The veterinarian is the qualified person to tell you what treatment should follow the dog to recover quickly.

After being treated by a veterinarian, your dog will return home with you and it is time to extremes the care you are going to provide to make you feel at ease and less pain. One of the first things that you must consider is his daily walks. Do not take it to the beach : sand makes walking the animal by possibly causing further fracture. Get even a walk little time and several times a day: it is better that, at first, your dog out into the street a little while but several times so that you exercise but do not force the leg.

Places with few dogs: If you bring to parks, where there are many dogs the most common is that you get so happy to start playing with them even if it hurts the leg avoid and opt for areas that are more peaceful. The most common is that if your dog has a broken leg the vet has put a bandage or would have covered the fracture with a cast, but in the event that did not happen, you have to avoid to the maximum that can try to heal He is licking wounds.

Because your mouth is, full of bacteria and now has an open wound in the skin through which they can sneak infections and diseases that endanger their health. To prevent the dog from licking the wounds can opt for the plastic cone that prevent the animal to reach the area where have the fracture. Other products are similar to braces that hold the neck of the animal extended prevents licking their wounds. Talk to your veterinarian to let you know the best remedy.