A dog, how much does it cost?

The cost of a dog comes not just in the purchase of the dog and food expenses. Unfortunately some people do not take the time to calculate a budget taking the route. Do you really have the means to purchase a dog? Know your limits before moving on to the Act and take the right decision: expenditures for the property be your dog is a big responsibility for the master.

First note that the cost of a dog (on all of his length of life, 15 years on average) depends on many factors and can vary from simple to double according to several criteria. However to do an approximate calculation, can be taken into account: the purchase price of the dog, the costs associated with its acquisition, veterinary care (which depend on each dog),dog food, and recreation fees.

how much does it cost

The purchase price of a dog
-Is the dog registered in the LOF?
A purebred dog that has a pedrigree is registered in the LOF: Book of the French origins. A “lofe” dog is more expensive than a dog “paperless”.
-What is the genealogy of the dog?
If the parents had prices of beauty, work… it increases the price of the offspring.
-Has the dog already won a prize?
If the dog has won a prize at an exhibition, even adult prices remain higher than an another dog breed.
-The age of the dog?

Becoming great is not only benefits. More lower! At the adult age, he lost more than half of its starting price.
-The phenomenon of the breeds of dog fashion
Fashion updates each year breeds in front, there was the year of the sled dog, and then of the Shar-pei, the Jack Russel and now Chihuahua for which prices are high!

How much a dog breed…
-A common race (Labrador, poodle…) without extraordinary origin dog: 200 to 500 euros.
-A dog fashion: 700-900 euros.
-A very rare dog breed: up to 2000 euros.
But beyond the purchase price, should what budget provide for the life of our Doggie?
To answer this question, we have established a list of expenditure types and then we asked masters to plunge back into their “accounting” to share their experience.
Some purchases are essential, others are not necessarily a priority.

Expenses related to the acquisition of a dog
-The travel dog bag :50 euros
You be useful that for dogs under 5 kg for only can be transported in the bus… The basket of transport is mandatory.
-The dog basket:30 euros
It is important that the dog has a specific place to sleep with a blanket, the basket is not necessary.
– Dog collar and the leash:30 euros
They are both essential to the education of your dog, learning to walk on a leash.
-Cookies and candies:3 euros
They allow a so-called positive education based on the reward; as such, the candy may be replaced by a caress.
-Bone chewing:3 euros
For puppies in the period of changes of the teeth (from 4 to 7 months), this avoids to practice on the bars of Chair or corner of furniture.
-Brush for dog:10 euros
It is essential for dogs with short hair.
– Shampoo :7 euros
You must use a product specifically designed for the dog, otherwise it may remove the sebum from the skin and irritate it.
-The muzzle:5 euros
It is mandatory for category 1 and 2 dogs to walk in public places.
-The dish for dog:25 euros
It is not necessary that your dog has a bowl “for dog”, he may have a base but pay attention, it will be used only for him.
-Toys for dog: 10 euros
They are indispensable to the balance of your dog but a piece of cloth “to him” it shakes in every sense may be sufficient.

Cost of food
-Household food
It is composed of rice or pasta, vegetables and meat. To comply with the following proportions: 1/3 of each ingredient and 30 gr / kg for each.
The price will depend on the quality of the raw materials you purchase (boxes of canned or fresh), and the weight of your pet.
-Industrial supply
These are the boxes or croquettes for dog. Prices vary greatly. Note that the boxes have a very large percentage of water!
The products “low range” may you feed a dog for less than a euro a day but they are not targeted at the specific needs of your dog.
-Dietary Alimentattion
These are so-called food premium or health foods. Their price is about 20 to 30 euros for a 1 Kg bag. The amount eaten depends on the weight of your pet.
A 1 kg package feeds a dog of 5 to 6 kg for a month. At your calculators!
The cost of veterinary care
-The electronic chip:70 euros
It is the only system of identification recognized abroad.
-Tattoo:60 euros
Identification of a dog by tattoo or chip is mandatory, therefore it is normally provided by the “seller”.
-Passport: of5-10 euros
It is now mandatory for travel abroad and you want to vaccinate your cat against rabies. The rabies certificate (pink or blue) no longer exists.
-Vaccine CHPLR : it takes 140 euros the first year there are two injections.
C = distemper
H = hepatitis
P = Parvovirus
L = leptospirosis
R = rage
-Castration:200 euro
It is not mandatory for a dog.
-Sterilization size: 300 to 400 euros
It avoids the heat twice per year.
-The vermifuge:7 euros
Do once a month up to 6 months then 2 times per year. De-worming treatment protects you and your dog of the digestive and others of possible contamination.
-Anti-puce product:20 euros
It is preferable to apply it at least once a year.
-Scaling:50-70 euros
A make from the age of 7 years for small breeds. Tartar gives a very bad breath in old dogs.
It must also take into account a few veterinary visits for illness: effective consultation between 50 to 200 euros .
Finally, there are the costs associated with the death of your pet:
-Individual cremation: 140 euros
-The support of the body by the veterinarian: 80 to 200 euros depending on the size of the dog.

You will understand that it is very difficult to establish a precise budget, we therefore asked some master and mistress to share their experience.
Elsa C.Bordeaux explains how cost him Butterfly:
« Butterfly, as its name suggests was an Argentine Dogo crossed with a boxer, a neighbor sold me. He was “paperless” but not without heart or soul. It has filled my life for 13 years. I remember the less expense because it reminds me the pleasure I had him bring cookies, games… »
Purchase price:
In a particular: €150
-Lunchbox plastic water: €5
-Plastic bowl of food: €5
-Cookies: €3
-Bone chewing: €3
-Brush: €10
-Shampoo: €7
-Collar: €13
-Collier semi strangler: €15
-Leash: €15
-Muzzle: €5
-Games of rope: €3
-Cart: €30
-Guard plate: €5

Total: €119
-Croquettes 20 kg: €19 or €228 per year
Power on 13 total: €2964

Veterinary care:
-De-worming per year: €13
The de-worming on 13 total: €169
-Vaccination: €45 vaccine
The vaccine over 12 years total: €630
-Castration: €150
-Euthanasia: €100
Total of veterinary care: €1049
Total spending: €4282

“It is evident”, says Elsa,”that this is interesting spending produces a dog but really is nothing compared to what it brings you. But I understand that for people on tight budget, this is a precaution.”
Christelle H.Lyon, mistress of a French Bulldog Kiwi tells us how she has spent the first year:
« I cracked for a French Bulldog last year because I had a neighbor who in leader swanning an all day under my nose, and really, it was too cabbage! I went to the same breeding as him but Kiwi was not it, it was really too expensive for my budget. I regret nothing but I urge the future master to their calculator before buying! »

Purchase price:
French Bulldog not LOF, purchased in farming: 800 euros

-Basket: 50 euros
-Collier + left: 30 euros
-Bowls: 25 euros
-Toys: 10 euros

A bag of 7.5 Kg for 1 month = +/-40 euros.
Food for 1 year total: 480 euros.

Veterinary care:
-Vaccine CHPPiLR: 100 euros
-Sterilization: 250 euros
-Vermifuge: +/-6.80 EUR x 4/year
-Chip Anti: 32.30 euros 3 pipettes
-Passport: 16.50 EUR

Miscellaneous expenses:
-Insurance: following the formula +/-300 euros per year
-Pension: 10 euros / day, hotels ask about 15euros/day

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