Hoodie dog

The growing popularity of dog clothes means that pet owners can dress their dogs with a variety of ensembles. While homeowners like the style of pet clothing, clothes for dogs also serves a practical purpose. A hoodie dog can hold a small dog or a short haired dog warm especially in wet or cold weather. However, owners should be cautious when it comes to dog clothing. The dogs should not wear clothing with heat, as this may cause it to overheat.


Measure from the neck to the tail part of the back of the neck to the intermediate zone of the dog, around the chest and around the neck, using a measuring tape. Measure how far back the front legs of the dog are the base of the neck.

hoodie dog

Draw a line in the fabric that is the length of the neck measurement over half an inch (1.25 cm). You can align it within the limits of the fabric. Fold in half and cut with scissors so that the height is roughly equal to about half the total measurement of the neck. With folding, label a rounded corner on a corner that is opposite the fold. Cut the fabric with scissors to create this rounded corner. This part is the hood of the garment.

Draw a line on the back of the fabric that measures the length of the upper panel of the hoodie. The length is the length from neck to tail plus half an inch (1.25 cm). To determine the width of the upper panel, divide the measurement around the dog’s chest by 2, then add 1. For example, if a dog is 14 inches (35 cm) around your chest, upper panel width is 8 inches (20 cm). Again measured from the top of this panel, the distance of the front legs to the base of the neck and two semicircles mark holes for the legs.

Cut the top panel based on these measurements. Fold the panel in half lengthwise to cut the semicircles for the leg openings. At the opposite end, rounded corner bend.

Draw the dimensions of the bottom panel on the back of the fabric. The length is the same as measuring the part back of the neck to the middle section plus half an inch (1.25 cm). The width is half of the measure around your chest. Again measured from one end and two semicircles mark holes for the legs. The leg holes in the bottom panel will have to be deeper than the upper semicircles to make sure the dog will be able to move my legs properly. Cut the bottom panel.

Turn the piece inside out and sew hoodie along the rounded corner. Turn the hood right and sew a hem the outer edge.

A pin fastened with the upper and lower panels together with their right sides facing each other and join them along the sides, leaving the open leg holes. Make a hem at the other edges with the exception of the upper neck opening, where the hood is placed. Turn the hood right side out.

Comprising a pin hole upper neck with the correct side seeing from the front. Sew them together and remove the pins.

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