Right ways to get back home your dog cozy and warm.

In the United States, in states where it is very cold in winter, local laws stipulate that if a dog is outside, the owner must provide shelter. This includes a large house enough for the dog to stand on all fours and can be stretched. The house should not be larger than this, since the dog must maintain body heat. The house should have a guardaviento at the door and a clean, non-porous as straw bed. However, you have many ways to get back home your dog cozy and warm.

home your dog


Locate the house of your dog at a point remote from the wind. If possible, place it in a sunny area for winter. 

Seals any cracks between the edges of the timber filled with free wood to preserve moisture and drafts. Paint the dog house black to better absorb sunlight and radiation.

Insulate the walls. Buy a house plastic double wall with an air space between the panels or fixed equipment insulation between the outer walls and the new inner wall of plywood caulks edges and joints inside and out to make it waterproof.

Insulator installed on the floor in the same way as most of the dog’s body heat is lost through the base. Add a layer of carpet or straw. If your dog has short hair or very old, a commercial heating pad can be placed under the carpet to keep the inside at a fixed temperature.

Covers the entrance. Make a hatch or cover using a piece of heavy plastic or a section of thick carpet. Hang it on the door for winter and remove it when the weather is warmer.

Install a heater. Purchase and install a heater pet for in-wall or make a light box using a metal box with a heat lamp inside. A system of air conditioning pet is a much more expensive alternative, but provide heat in the winter and refresh the house in the summer.

If your dog needs more comfort than offering a carpet or straw purchase a thermal dog bed. This also requires electricity but dry any moisture that bring the dog out. Rugs or blankets retain moisture and are difficult to dry.

Tips and Warnings

  • Consider a power source to connect the thermal pad, thermal bed or light box.
  • Move the dog house to a shady spot for the summer.This will prevent the sun’s heat is absorbed and retained by the insulator and helps cool the house.
  • Cover the power cable to pipe to prevent the dog to chew.
  • Remember that in fixing insulation inside the dog house, the size of the sleeping area is reduced.