Home remedies to remove ticks from my dog

remove ticks from my dog

Especially when it comes to puppies that have not been vaccinated because they reach the appropriate age to the use of chemicals it is not recommended to remove parasites such as fleas or ticks. Therefore, a good way to free them is our can turn to natural remedies. If you want to know what are home remedies to remove ticks in dogs.

remove ticks from my dog

Normally, when these parasites leap towards our dog to settle as guests have a small size grows as they feed on the blood of our dog. Ideally identify them when they are small, since it is much easier to remove them with home remedies. However, if we see them when they are grown, you should remove yourself with the help of tweezers.

One of the best remove ticks from my dog is chamomile. So, prepares an infusion of chamomile the ideal is to be natural, let it cool, take a cotton ball or clean cloth, insert it into the infusion, drain it and apply it all over the skin of your dog carefully. You will see how ticks immediately begin to flee the animal. Remember it is very important to disinfect home to remove any trace of the parasite. Any infusion does not work, since there are a number of toxic plants for dogs.

At ticks, they do not like anything the taste of citrus, so this is another perfect natural remedy to eliminate them. With them, we can prepare a repellent home, so grab a spray. The best citrus is lemon but you can also use oranges or any other. To make this home remedy to remove ticks in dogs, you should boil half a liter of water with two lemons cut. When you reach the boiling point, leave it for one minute and down the heat to low, leave for an hour. Over time, let it cool, slide it into the sprayer and apply the product on your dog care not to get in his eyes.

The apple cider vinegar is another remove ticks from my dog . The vinegar is composed of acetic acid, vinegar responsible have that taste so bitter and also becomes a suitable remedy for element remove ticks . To carry out this home remedy, you just have to mix water and vinegar in equal parts this, dip a clean cloth or cotton ball with the mixture, wring it and moisten the skin of your dog with him gently and carefully.

If you see a tick on the body of your dog, you should know that you could also try to remove them yourself with the help of your own fingers or a special tool that can be purchased at a vet. To remove dog ticks, it is advisable to wear gloves to avoid it sticking to our skin. When the remove ticks from my dog gets started, we disinfect the area with iodine to heal any wounds that may have caused this insect in the dog.



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