Home Remedies to Lower My Dog’s Fever

Dog's Fever

In an adult dog, the normal body temperature is one that is between 38 and 39.2ºC. When it is above this average, as it happens with humans, we say that our dog has a fever. It often appears because of a serious viral disease, such as parvovirus in others it may be due to a simple cold or symptom of hyperthermia. In any case, the temperature must be lowered to try to reach its normal state. If you want to know, what home remedies are to lower your dog’s fever keep reading this article from a show.

Dog's Fever

If you have identified the symptoms of fever, it is best to take your dog to the vet to find out the cause. Remember that it may be due to a more serious illness. So watch your behavior and see if you have other symptoms besides the rise in temperature.

If your dog’s fever is not very high, a good home remedy to lower it is to moisten a towel with water and cover your dog in it. You should leave it for a few minutes wrapped in the towel so that it takes effect and dry it with another towel dry when you remove the wet one. Of course, the dog should be in a quiet and relaxed environment to avoid getting nervous and the fever increase.

Another way to cool it down and lower the temperature is to moisten a sponge or cloth in cold water and pass it through the skin of the areas of the abdomen, armpits and English of your can. Remember that you have to dry the wet parts, for this, you can use the cold air of the hair dryer.

You should hydrate your dog constantly with cold water its temperature is already high enough to provide natural water. Likewise, you will have to place your bed or mattress to sleep in a cool and quiet space, if the current does not meet these conditions.

In case of high fever, one of the most widespread home remedies is to bathe the dog in cold water for ten minutes. It is very important not to exceed the time since the can organism can fight against the stimulus produced by the cold water increasing the temperature even more, producing a greater energetic expenditure for our dog and triggering in a very uncomfortable situation for him.

If the above remedies do not work, another option is to place ice packs between your dog’s hind legs and on the head for a few minutes. It is not advisable that the dog is wet or wet for a long time since we could worsen the situation favoring the appearance of a cold if it does not have it.

If 24 hours pass and your dog still have, a fever does not hesitate to take him to the veterinarian to start a pharmacological treatment. Which is usually based on the administration of oral no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This article is purely informative, in one, we do not have the power to prescribe any veterinary treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case you present any type of condition or discomfort.

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