Home Remedies for Heartworms

Your vet just give bad news, your dog has worms heart. Of course, you are worried and wondering if you can do something to help. The treatment offered by veterinarians for this problem is very expensive and some dogs die during implementation. You can try some home remedies.

Remedies for Heartworms



Visit local natural food store, or one of the pages listed in the reference section for cloves, wormwood, black walnut tincture, garlic, berries Hawthorne and cassava (notice the references) . You can order these online herbal tincture can do yourself.

Give your dog a clove capsule, berry wormwood and hawthorne every day before your meal. Also give two drops of black walnut tincture and cassava daily suggested dose. You must calculate the dose based on the weight of the dog. If you order a computer cleaner, come with a guide to the recommended adult dose. Divide the dose based on the weight of the dog.

Increase the doses given every few days because as you do the treatment, will develop a tolerance to it. The guide tells you exactly how much to increase and when. Just remember to divide by the weight of your dog. For example, if your dog weighs 50 pounds and the recommended dose for an adult is 150 pounds, all doses divided by 3. This is because 50 is the third part 150.

Give a balanced diet while doing the treatment but others feed him because that way you can stress your system. Good nutrition is important to help fight the worms from the heart and use herbs.

You must limit the exercise during the initial treatment. If you allow running and jumping can cause heart attack. Cassava and berry hawthorne is supposed to be helping strengthen your heart.

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