What vegetables are healthy for dogs to eat?

Like humans, dogs are omnivorous, opportunistic feeders that can and will eat anything. Through evolution, nature dogs had to eat a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables and stuff animal. For one to be as healthy domesticated, need a balanced daily intake of vitamins and nutrients that are sometimes only vegetables can provide.

healthy for dogs


Broccoli and Brussels sprouts
Members of the family of cabbage such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts are not only rich in vitamins but also contain phytochemicals cancer fighters and anti-aging components essential for a balanced diet. Add small portions of these vegetables lightly cooked food to your dog, promotes the overall health of the stomach and bladder of your pet.

Chopped carrots or baby carrots small pieces added to the diet of your dog provide increased need for vitamin A, beta-carotene, a host of other vitamins and antioxidants to keep your pet healthy and protected or even can improve your view. The baby carrots can be offered instead of dog biscuits or snacks purchased.
Chilli peppers
To provide adequate amounts of vitamin C to the diet of your dog, try to feed it with chopped red pepper pieces and steam. These are an excellent source of beta-carotene and cancer fighters phytochemicals and lycopene. Chilli peppers decrease the chance of cataracts and other eye diseases and prevents arthritis as your dog ages.

Green beans
Another substitute for dog snacks are the beans. Keep a few lightly cooked on hand to reward. Green beans are a healthy snack, low in calories, high in vitamin C, vitamin K and magnesium. The fiber in them also stimulates the digestive system of your dog.

Spinach has been seen how a nutritionally important vegetable, rich in iron and beta-carotene. Make her juice, steamed or pícala finely before adding it to your dog’s food. It also contains high levels of vitamin K which maintains good bone health and good growth.

If your dog is arthritic, try adding a little juice or celery sticks to your food. This is a good source of fiber and potassium. It is also a natural diuretic that stimulates the production of urine and may help eliminate excess fluid, thereby promoting good health of the kidney and urinary tract in your pet.