Health examinations before traveling with dog


It is necessary before embarking on a journey to take his dog to the vet for a complete assessment.Such an event can indeed be stressful for the animal and turn a minor disorder in real pathology.It will,during the consultation,inform the vet of your chosen destination so he decides to do vaccinations.Therefore you should bring the vaccination card,allowing the practitioner to make the various recalls possible.The veterinarian, during its review,may also,if it detects an anomaly,complementary tests: x-ray,blood test or urine test,ultrasound,etc..

health examinations

Rabies vaccination

In France,rabies vaccination is mandatory in the districts infested with rabies,in campgrounds and resorts.For abroad,you will be required,in addition to vaccination,a health certificate issued by a veterinarian.

Vaccination against rabies is nearly unavoidable in a dog during a trip abroad.But not all countries have no regulations against rabies for pets entering their territory (often developing countries of Asia or Africa).However,as a precaution,should always be vaccinated against rabies a dog or cat travel: local customs officials could block the animal on arrival for the absence of vaccination.But also,the vaccine is necessary for safety to the animal that goes in endemic area of ​​rabies.

Council’s veto: Rabies vaccination requires injection given, the first time,at least one month before departure.It will be valid for one year to the day.Be careful not to miss the recall date.

Additional tests:

Tests and titrations

Titration of rabies antibodies may also be required when traveling abroad.The threshold of validity of the titration is then the decision of the requesting country.Similarly,specific tests may be requested as testing for heartworm disease or leishmaniasis in South Africa for example.

Pest control

Pesticide treatments may also apply to dogs and cats in some countries like Australia,New Zealand or South Africa.It must be very careful to time in force and the molecules allowed.

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