How do you handle aggressive dogs hair?

Trying to make the dog feel at home

Many groomers use your touch and soft voice trying to calm the dogs. Some are aggressive when it leads to the salon because they are afraid. The dogs act like this when they are in situations where they feel confused or scared, and a good hairdresser should make you feel comfortable before starting work. Caregivers make dogs feel at home by offering treats and giving them love before bathing. Leaving the owner would help him into the tub, you can be successful. If not, the caregiver must lift it quickly and make it himself. Some are in the tub a loop to hold. Once you are there, even the most aggressive to you the bathe and shampoo put them, even though they might bite the hose. Hairdressers must move fast and they should talk to along the way to keep them calm.


handle aggressive dogs


Keeping the dog to spruce it up

After the bath, dry the dog’s hair before putting on the grooming table. For the aggressive they should cover her face with a towel while moving. A aggressive should tie the rope and many hairdressers are hand muzzles for more severe cases. None of these things hurt the animal. Both say the dog being left on the bench safely while it grooms. Hairdressers must work fast to peel, but to wait until the dog is still not to hurt him. Once you keep the scissors, you can cut the nails. Take the leg of the animal and separate it from the body, in order to do your job and not be available to your bite. Before completing the work, which is usually done is give him treats, petting and kind words.



Understanding dogs

Chris Chamberlin a dog groomer, discusses how to groom dogs sensitive. The best summary is: “Remember, you are teaching the dog to trust you and provided no breaks this trust, care will become increasingly less stressful for you and the pet you have special needs.” Some owners may consider giving the dog a relaxing pill or use a spray as Medicine Rescue (Rescue Remedy) before submitting it to the salon. Contact your veterinarian before him ingesting anything. The best dog groomers are fast moving, are safe and love all dogs. The hairdresser should understand that the bathrooms and the haircut is stressful for most dogs good behavior and that every dog, even aggressive, also have loyal and friendly characteristics.