Herbal medicine to heal the skin and the hair of the dog

A skin and hair healthy, it is important for a dog: with these plants it will be the most beautiful and suffer skin problems!

The burdock
Spiky rounded fruit of small members bristle bring joy to the children having fun in bombing the clothing of their cronies. The root contains a polyines, whose action is similar to that of certain antibiotics. These substances have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which make it a weapon of shock against skin infections of the dog, including inflammation of the oily skin.

Herbal medicine

Finally, its draining on the liver and kidneys contributes to the remediation of the dermis. It will be primarily associated with blackcurrant, well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but also thinking wild, also equipped with depurative action by the skin and regulating of oily skin.

The fumitory
Many skin diseases are caused by a difficulty of evacuation of toxins through organs called ’emunctories’ (kidneys, liver, intestines…), which causes itching. Scratching, the animal becomes infected with microbes skin often very resistant. This sovereign herb for the liver regulates the functioning of the gallbladder in acting both on the secretion of bile on his discharge, and thus detoxifies. It helps also by its fumaric acid to decrease the scratch reflex. It is also a mild laxative which acts on the chronic constipation in failure of biliary hunting.

And also…
Arnica : for the shots and the Blues without opening the skin. Mother tincture or gel only local application.
Calendula : the mother tincture is diluted to 10% to disinfect the wound before applying a dressing. It promotes healing.

Echinacea : the wound that tend to fester. It mobilizes the body’s natural defenses.
Witch Hazel : astringency dry wounds, reduces bleeding, promotes healing; Witch Hazel water is an excellent antipruritic, associated with the geranium (Hydrosol) during eczema.

St. John’s wort : the ‘magical’ oil of our grandmothers. Healing, pain reliever, antiseptic, antiviral, and antinflammatoire. Ideal against burns which hurt, become infected and do not heal.
Sage : antiseptic, calming. In the form of essential oil diluted to 20% in macadamia oil.