How are controls hair loss?

The animal makes a natural replacement of your hair on a regular basis and leaves hair “everywhere”, long hair have a spare in the spring and the short hair, also lose hair all year round, it is normal that the old hairs fall out and recombine by new, should worry if there are sectors of the body without furan this case we must take it to the query. To avoid large amount of hair in the House, armchairs, beds, etc., should brush them regularly, once they get used like they brush them.

 hair loss

The fine wire cardinals are very useful to keep the desiring hair and brushing helps the oxygenation of the skin preventing some kind of dermatitis, in addition to drag dirt, hair and peeling of the skin, keeping it healthy.

Also there are combs and rakes of metal, to a more thorough brushing and to better extract “platoons”, although with caution, because it can cause pain to the animal, but you have to break them first with scissors (in these cases if you are not very sure to resort to a professional hairdresser)

Due to the delicate skin of a cat, a grooming glove (is a glove with tips of rubber in the Palma) is indicated for the short hair and a wire for long-haired cats arms.

Deciding to have a dog or cat at home, we must be aware that we will have to live with the hairs that loses the animal, a weekly brushing can help a lot to improve and reduce the concentration of hairs loose everywhere, also is evidence that by touching or brushing pets produces a relaxing effect both the animal and the person.

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