Learning guard dog

This is not to say that the dog if Doe can enter or not. It is up to you! Unless you want a true watchdog. In this case, it is necessary to educate and train him.

When people ring you, this is not the dog to receive or to block. Take the example of dominant / dominated in the wild. Only the dominant can allow or disallow entry to another animal in a territory. In the event, faced with this little fur ball so charming, you would come to forget, we remind you that the dominant, it is you !

guard dog

Conclusion: only you know who let you. The animal must be in his corner when someone comes and should come out if you let him. It may possibly approach the door, but shall not exhibit any sense, neither good nor bad. The only place in the house he can claim is his basket.

Let out
It is not uncommon to hear owners tell with pride that their dog does not leave out anyone – not even themselves. It is unacceptable that animal plays the customs you. The dog must, in this case also resume its plac e and let the master accompany those previously entered.

No entry
Your pet must meet the forbidden places, even in your absence. You should not be forced to close the doors of the house before you leave. It is learning the hard part. You can not, indeed, to scold your return, we saw that the punishments are very delayed effects.

Your dog will not this stupid in your presence. Then you must be absent for very short moments, for example the bin down, and ask the dog to stay in her basket. If your return is always there, praise him profusely. Otherwise, skip it and try again later experience.

Even if you do not want a pure guard dog, it is clear that some teachers want their dog plays this role a bit in their absence. Especially if they have chosen a dog of 40 kg or more. The problem is of course not the same with a poodle .

Note that if your dog has become aware of its limits, permitted zones and restricted areas of its territory, it will have no difficulty to assume the role of “supervisor” in your absence, and without that you have previously initiated a training in this regard.

It is not necessarily essential to train a dog to attack so that he understands that he must keep the house when alone. Many dogs bark at the slightest noise indeed suspect in the absence of their master and remain completely silent when he is there.

If the dog through proper learning and regularly conducted fully assimilated the concept of territory , he will understand that he alone can and must defend the house of his master. We now see the wide world! And do not do anything on the grounds that it is not home!

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