Grant for screening in the dog

Already in the years 2010 and 2011 were dog and cat owners in Germany for a month each secure a grant for a dog to the veterinarian checkup. The Animal Health Action starts now to the third round. Germany is home to over five million dogs and cats more than eight million, but only a fraction of these animals is under regular veterinary inspection. Although a check-up does not cost much time and money, many pet owners shy away because of alleged high costs, but also from ignorance or neglect, the response in the veterinary practice.

screening in the dog

The Federal Association of Veterinary Practitioners (bpt) therefore calls on cooperation with the Hill’s pet food manufacturers dog and cat owners in Germany to be carried out in their animal in May 2012 a checkup by a veterinarian. The cost of the examination will be eligible for one month. Once again this year for it again 15000 vouchers worth 20 euros – this time over the entire month spread – are available. For farmers, this will ensure that they can also last day of the month to download a voucher from the website initiatives.

How it works

To receive the subsidy to the cost of inspection, dog owners may differ from the first to 31 May the voucher of 20 €. With the coupon you go to the vet, the dog is examined and the voucher stamped by the veterinarian. The completed coupon, together with stamp to send the animal owner, according to the initiators of the campaign by mail at Hill’s to get paid the amount then on the account of the owner.

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