How to give a proper dog bath

proper dog bath

A proper dog bath is a key to maintaining your pet’s luxurious coat and healthy skin. Bathing is done the wrong way,  you could end up with a matted condition in the coat, which your dog will find uncomfortable.

Here are the steps for giving proper dog bath, he’s sure to love:

  1. Lay down a large rubber none skid mat. Most dogs will react wildly if they are slipping and sliding on a wet surface. Give their feet a good grip.
  2. Run the water and adjust the temperature so that it feels comfortably warm. If you are using a spray nozzle attachment keep it close to the dogs body. Wet the dog thoroughly, starting at the neck and work back down the body. (Forget washing his head for right now)
  3. Starting around the neck, add shampoo, massage it into a good lather and work it into the dog’s coat from neck to tail, until your whole dog is covered. Remember throughout the entire process to talk calmly and soothingly to reassure your dog that he is doing fine and that everything is all right.
  4. Then rinse, rinse and rinse some more! Every last bit of soap must be removed otherwise it could irritate the skin. Repeat shampoo and rinse if your dog is very dirty.
  5. Use a damp washcloth without soap to gently wash off his head and face. You do not want to risk getting soap in the eyes. A dog crème rinse or conditioner used according to directions on the package after shampooing makes comb out of longhaired dogs much easier.
  6. Using both your hands, squeeze out as much water as you can. Help him out of the tub and onto a mat or some towels. (Brace yourself-at this point he will want to shake and you will get wet!) Rub him down with some towels and allow to air dry in a warm and draft free room.There are also specialty designed dog dryers on the market that work amazingly well and speed up the drying process greatly!

proper dog bath

There… you’re are all done!

Now praise your dog in joyful voice let him know that he was a “GOOD DOG!” Provide his favorite treat and enjoy your shiny, clean pup.

How often should I bath my dog?

A clean dog is a pleasure to touch and should have no offensive odor. Remember though, your dog is supposed to smell like a dog. Stick with one bath every six weeks at most. Although, I water my dog down in between baths if he needs a mud-rinse. The reason why? Dog’s pores don’t produce oil like human skin does. If you bath your dog constantly, their coats will become dry, dull feeling, full of dandruff and brittle.

What Shampoo do I need?

Unless your dog has a specific skin problem requiring a medicated shampoo recommended by your veterinarian, always use a good quality dog shampoo. The reason why? Dog Shampoos are specially formulated to match the ph level of a dogs skin. Most human shampoos, soap bars and dish detergents are designed to remove oil and grease as well as grime. You want to just be rid of the dirt and grime and not strip the coat of its natural protective oils.

Whenever possible, use only natural products so you dont run the risk of allergic reactions that some dogs can have from synthetic chemicals and additives.

Here’s to your squeaky-clean pup! Thanks a lot for reading my “How to give a proper dog bath”. Hope read and enjoy!

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