Collar fugue for dog

To the radius of the educational for dog collars, collar fugue is one who has better press.
Indeed, anti bark collar and collar of education electrical impulses or spray are often decried by some behavioral or canine educators.

Also called fence anti fugue, this necklace is a support to thelearning of the territory by the dog.

Collar fugue for dog

The collar fugue to him alone is not enough to instill the boundaries of its territory to your dog.

It must take you as a boy, and if it turns out be a rebel on all fours, may need you the help of a canine behaviorist.

When the dog fugue
The fugue of the dog is a constant concern for his master. There is first of all the risk is lost, that there was an accident, that it may be kidnap or poisoned by malicious neighbors…
But there is also damage it can do outside. Torn neighbour, laying another their flower beds… The neighbourhood complaints may result in theremoval of your pet. Avoid to get there, to keep your dog out of your home quickly.

Why the collar fugue?
It is sometimes unable to leave his dog inside the House. Indeed, an energetic dog needs to go out regularly.

A dog that has need to get out but who is stuck at home may ‘let go’ on what he has at disposal: furniture, clothing, wallpaper… anything can pass through.

Others do not have the ability to let their dogs go at ease in their garden: it is not always easy tohave a fence and a gate.

For those, the collar fugue is a temporary solution that will prevent the dog from exceed the physical limits that you go fix it.

Insist on the fact that it is a temporary solution, and that it will take in terms finding a way to close his garden, or better, to teach the dog to stay at home.

How does collier anti run away?
A wire antenna (which measure on average 1,500 metres) is connected to a radio transmitter, attached to the dog’s collar.

With the wire antenna (that you bury), you delimit the perimeter in which your dog can move.
If the dog is approaching too close to the edge of the fixed territory, the transceiver attached to his neck will sound and vibrate. If he continues to move forward, the dog will receive a small electrostatic dischargethat is often programmable.

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