Dog food with fresh natural ingredients

Dog food with fresh natural ingredients

Complete food,balanced,fresh and juicy with excellent quality,made ​​with natural ingredients selected from the highest quality.It is a very tasty meal,easily digestible caring the health of your dog.Fresh meat and tasty pieces of fruit are a tasty and delicious snack that your dog will eat with delight and pleasure.It is highly recommended for animals with exquisite tastes and even convalescent animals with little appetite.It is an excellent complement to vary the diet of your pet.It is a product of excellent quality Italian.

fresh natural dog food

Its unique recipe contains only the best parts of the ingredients previously steamed and filleted by hand following a thorough cleaning.It’s a meal without coloring,preservatives,derivatives and products of animal and vegetable.This careful manufacturing process guarantees a final product of the highest quality,with great nutritional qualities,a high digestibility and great taste.Simply by opening a can appreciate its excellent quality,details like the smell of fresh meat cooked,its texture and appearance speak for itself the quality of this dog food.It is much more palatable than many products for people.

Schesir ® recipes are based only beautiful fish in open water and meat of chicken raised on farms controlled.The fish used are captured at sea,with networks that respect the dolphins and other large animals and sustainable farming methods.The product is free of animal cruelty,as it has not been tested on animals.These cans are a very tasty and nutritious food for your dog.The product maintains all its properties up to the moment of consumption. Includes easy-open system.

Ingredients:Chicken with pineapple Chicken(min.40%),pineapple(min.4.1%),rice (2%),vegetable gelling (CE approved).Chicken with apple chicken(min. 40%),apple (min. 4.1%),rice (2%),vegetable gelling (CE approved).

RDA: Recommended amounts are approximate and should be adjusted to consecuenci as they vary by age of animal activity, temperature, etc.. Rations must be adjusted subsequently to the energy needs of the animal, guided by maintaining an optimal body weight. Whenever you make a change in diet should be respected a time of transition to prevent digestive problems. Managing a can a day to supplement the daily diet of dry food.

Directions: To serve daily food at room temperature.Once opened store in the refrigerator.Always leave food and fresh clean water available to the animal.Available in 2 delicious flavors (chicken with pineapple and chicken with apple).

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