How to train a miniature fox terrier?

A fox terrier chihuahua mixed dog present a combination of breed characteristics. Both fox terrier chihuahua and have a reputation for being willful and stubborn, and require strong leadership, according to Dog Breed Info Center . The chihuahua may have problems with bowel and bladder control, while the fox terrier can ignore your orders, especially if there are outside distractions. Instill good habits and behavior in your dog fox terrier cross chihuahua, beginning his training at eight weeks.

fox terrier


Educate this type of dog taking him out on a leash immediately after waking, before bed and after eating and active play sessions. If your dog is puppy still pull it out every two hours because their digestive system is extremely sensitive and the puppy will not be able to hold back. Avoid loading the dog into the bathroom area, as it has to be moving to learn what you expect from him.

Reward the dog when he eliminates in the desired area and enter the command “go potty”. If you find doing it in say “no” in a firm voice and take it outside. Reward him if he does in the right place. Do not scold the dog if you catch him in the act, because he will not understand.

Use the plus to train your dog to follow basic obedience commands reinforcement. Wait for the dog to do the desired action and then enter the command, like “sit”, “lie” or “see”. Reward the dog, giving it a special treat, as a small piece of cheese or chicken and many verbal praise. Practical training in a quiet area, where the terrier crosses not distracted.

Take your chihuahua terrier crosses to walk every day to help you to avoid wasting energy and develop behavioral problems. Train the dog to walk around behind you to walk with confidence and occasionally giving affection. Do not walk with the tensioned belt. Say “no” in a firm voice and give him a pat on the back if you try to walk in front of you or pull on the leash. Walking in front of your dog encouraged to see you as their leader rather than a follower.

Show your dog that you are the pack leader to avoid developing negative behaviors such as growling, breaking things and hide their food and toys. To do this, feeding the dog only after the family has eaten, because he knows that alpha dogs eat first and subordinates do next. Make your chihuahua crosses sit and wait before feeding or give affection. Do not let the dog sleep in your bed or climb on the furniture.

Train him not to chew and growl at people when you’re charging. If you do, put it in the ground immediately and say “no” in a firm voice. Avoid loading the dog when excited or requires your attention. Wait until you are in a calm and relaxed state, and reward this behavior by loading.

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