Forbidden food for our pet


In the list you will see below, there are foods that can only cause simple stomach while there are other, more dangerous, which over the years will contribute to the development of complicated and potentially fatal diseases. Vale Remember that most of these data are collected from different websites, and when in doubt always better to consult our vet to give us information that is more detailed.



The first thing to note is that all excesses are bad. If you are 10 dog biscuits in one day surely, our dog will give you diarrhea, but the food we gave him is specially designed for him.


Contrary to the image, we have always had dogs enjoying bones of chicken, beef and other animals they can become very harmful for our dog. The reason is that bones, especially those of small animals, can break or splinter when chewed by our pet and being swallowed by the sharp edges of the bone can puncture your esophagus stomach or intestine.


Chocolate contains a substance called the bromine that dogs are not able to process and could give rise to a toxic effect will manifest with vomiting, tremors, incontinence, diarrhea, among other symptoms. Theo bromine also affects the heart rhythm, which can be very dangerous.


One of the reasons that give leftovers from our food to dogs is not a good idea is that often they contain fried or foods high in fat which in the long term and in large amounts can cause an affectation the pancreas of our pet.


Dogs cause the same symptoms as humans, ie vomiting, dizziness, lack of coordination, nervous system depression coma and death. The difference is that because of their size these reactions are faster and can easily be poisoned if accidentally consumed a drink of this type.

Dairy products

This is because the digestive system of dogs is not ready properly to digest one of the main components of milk: lactose.



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