Flying with dog: in the cabin or hold

In the cabin

If your pet weighs less than 5 kg,you can keep with you in the cabin,provided the comfortable in a dog carrying bag specially designed for this purpose.Be careful though!Shall be provided on the same flight as you (make sure of it!),And the cage or bag in which he will travel must fit under the seat in front.The size varies by airline and aircraft.Weight rules may also apply.Learn therefore carefully before departure!

In the baggage hold

This mode is for larger animals (more than 5 kg) and provided that you are on the same flight.Your dog must travel in the cargo bay,installed in a transport cage for this purpose and provided by you. Check with the airline on which you travel.Make sure you have a leash or harness with you.Most airports require that the pet is removed from the cage for safety does not obscure the X-ray security.

Flying with your dog

Your pet should not go out of his cage during the flight.Make sure before you leave you have a cage line.If you have any doubts,ask the airline,they are the ones who decide the acceptance or rejection of the model transport cage.The cage should close with a mechanism that does not require special keys or tools to operate or unlock and must not have wheels.Be sure the cage is not too large for your pet to reduce the risk of injury if a portion bumpy during the flight.The metal grid cages are prohibited.

Attach a label to the cage with the information they need before leaving as well as flight information,destination, name of contact on arrival,important information,as well as any special instructions for handlers.Place on the label the words “LIVE ANIMAL”.Ask about other cargo on the flight to be sure that there is no substance hazardous to your pet.Before being put aboard the plane,stay near the loading area to confirm that your pet has been loaded.When you board the plane,tell the captain and flight personnel that your pet is on board and they insist you confirm it was loaded.If you do not have access to the captain,rate the flight attendant on the flight to the captain and verifies that he or she ensures the presence of votrre animal onboard.

When the airplane taxiing over a long period or if the aircraft experiences ventilation problems,tell a flight attendant that you are worried about the health of your pet,ask him or her to go check with the Captain if the temperature can vary and influence the cargo section where your pet is traveling.If the delay is long,insist that your pet be removed. Ask your pet as soon as possible once you have reached your destination.If your flight is not a direct,leave the plane and check the status of your pet during transfer.If the transfer is long or the temperature high,ask that you confirm that the animal is unloaded for transfer and is not obliged to remain in the hold with cargo,or outside under the sun.If the transfer is very long,ask your pet,take it for a walk and give him water before re-embark.Be sure your pet wears a collar with identification in case it escapes.

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