The BARF to feed his dog?

You said ‘ barf ‘? From the familiar English, the verb to barf means ‘ vomit ‘… Perhaps after having guzzled? But his supporters speak rather of ” Bones And Raw Feeding “ or ” Biologically Appropriate Raw Food “. Canadians say ‘eat a bone.

The doctrine of the BARF
It is one of the most popular doctrines, around which there are many sources of information, books, forums on the Net. The practical implementation of BARF, still somewhat experimental and special, is the subject of passionate exchanges between senior practitioners and novices motivated but not always reassured!

feed his dog

Everything must be given cru, let alone the os that cooking makes it brittle. Australian veterinarian, Ian Billinghurst admits have been slow to understand the damage caused by power industrial, surcuite, and too rich in cereals and chemical additions. Young dog breeder at the end of the 1970s, it invests in the best brands of pet food, certain that they will be nec plus ultra ingredient to produce full health dogs and beautiful (for the exhibitions that they attended together).

But he noted that their health is deteriorating little by little. It was only when he trades off their Kibbles against chunks of sheep and of leftovers that it will see the huge change of vitality and resistance of its canine pack. Why? Simply because it allowed them to reconnect with the traditional diet of their ancestors: meat on the bone and a small amount of plants and pre-digested cereals by their prey. It was obvious within the scope of common sense and it is also good science!

What benefits for the BARF?
– Gustatory pleasure related to the appetite, the freshness of the ration.
-Disappearance of odors: breath, skin, ears…
– Skin and healthy hair : more from small dandruff caused by a diet low in essential fatty acids polyunsaturated (or too rich in saturated fat).
-Teeth furred, gums healthy.
-Ear infections repeatedly fade.
-Elimination of flatulence.
– Reduced stool firmer, less fragrant.
-Dog more lively and more awake (receptivity to education, ability to work).

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