How to exercise with my dog ​​at home


In the same way that we care about being in shape or stay healthy through exercise our dog needs regular training to maintain their physical well-being. Therefore, if both need to trains why not do it together and in the comfort of home? For that to happen the dog must learn to follow your own pace and you in turn must learn to read the signs of your pet to know if you are having fun, if it is exhausted or if you want to continue. So if you wonder how to exercise with your dog at home in this article we share some key that will be useful for you and your pet.

exercise with my dog at home

Before you start exercising with your dog at home, it is best to take it to the veterinarian to determine if your pet is in good physical condition to train. If your dog is one that has too much energy and usually remind you every time you find a shoe or a broken bitten pad it can be a good sign that it is ready to accompany you in your home routine. In addition, exercise is a good way to channel that energy and calm him down. We also advise you before starting the routine physical activity, consult the article how long a dog needs exercise.

If your dog is still a puppy, it is best to avoid training because their bones are being formed and could be injured or have problems with their further development. We advise you to wait for their bone structure has matured to start regular physical exercise. Get your dog and you movements are not difficult, so exercising at home is a task that requires perseverance. In the same way, that you trained to behave inside and outside the home you can do so to accompany you on your routines.

It begins by teaching basic commands to be taught to stay with you, sit stand or lie on two legs. Reward him whenever it hits learn a new command. Throw a ball or a toy and make him bring back can be a good way to start, plus help you associate the idea of fun and play with training because in the end, the idea it is to have fun while burning calories. Make sure that the game lasts only a few minutes to avoid running out prematurely.

It is normal to be distracted, you want to play your way or abandon the activity and leave. Remember that both he and you are learning to do something together in a synchronized manner, and that takes time. One way to exercise with your dog at home and reinforce learning is setting schedules and routines of movement. So you get used to the idea that there is a time of day that will accompany training.

Surely you ask how physical activity with my dog at home and share the same activity? Yoga may be the answer for you, as there are yoga routines designed to be carried by dogs and their owners. An activity can learn together with tutorials on and has different routines depending on the size and breed of dog. When necessary, fits your routine so that your dog can accompany you as long as is comfortable for you too. In the same way, training becomes such activities normally the dog and give it a fun twist to both put the body moving in their own way.


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