Examples of homeopathic treatments for dog

Treat pregnancy nerve of the dog
Nerve pregnancies are allayed by Ignatia Amara. Your dog was clean, it does more; It sometimes manifests ofaggression while she was soft and cuddly; her cheerfulness became silent grief, his breath became heavy… For the typical array of ‘paradoxical behaviour’, symptomatic nerve pregnancies, give the tranquilizer of Homeopaths, saint Ignatius bean (Ignatia amara).

Examples of homeopathic

Soothe sore heart drive
Gypsy is a great Briarde Fawn balanced and active. But as soon as she gets in the car, this is no longer the same dog. She remains sitting in a little steep and begins to drool, lies sometimes to recover immediately.
Even breaks do not really seem to relax. As I do not like ‘abrutir’ my dogs with products that put them to sleep, even if they are often effective, I opted for a homeopathic treatment that significantly improved things. Either a dose of Gelsemium 15 HP in the eve of departure, then 3 granules of Tabacum 5 CH and Cocculus 5 CH hourly starting two hours before departure until the end of the trip. You can also give 3 granules of Borax 5 CH every hour or 2 hours.

Lose weight the dog
Our Snoopy is a small Sheepdog, haired Dutch Shepherd long, very greedy (his nickname is “Stomach foot”). He scum the table below after each meal, opens the bags of cookies stored in closets and is able to find a well packaged sausage at the bottom of a suitcase! Consequence: I have to monitor its line and rectify if need be.

No secret: it reduces the caloric, fasting one day a week if necessary and giving lean white meats and fish.

On the other side, laying the length of rides and games to spend a little more than usual, with the objective to lose fat mattress the overlying at his side. Homeopathy can give a boost. For a Snoopy, 19 kg overweight, 16 kg in weight, I give ten drops of tincture of Fucus vesiculosus, 3 granules of Graphites 7 CH morning, 3 Sulfur granules 7 CH in the evening, as well as potassium trace.

I added a bowl of tea draining/stimulant for the digestive system in its drinking water: artichoke, leaves of birch, black currant, purple, beards corn (you know: the hair that grows on the ears)…

Treating indigestion and diarrhea of the dog

Your dog has a belly. He is sitting in an asymmetric position, hind slightly apart so that her belly resting on the floor. To relieve, made him a small friction-a mixture of a drop ofessential oil of mint and a drop ofessential oil of Basil in 15 ml of sweet almond ormacadamia oil . And give 5 granules of Nux vomica in 9 c.

Your new puppy arrives home
Regardless of the attention which you cover, it is probably a little disoriented left MOM and siblings. To accompany him at the time of the departure, his breeder gave him Gelsemium 9 CH 3 pellets twice a day the day before and the day of separation, and you will continue with 3 pellet ofArnica 9 CH twice a day for three days.