Breeds of dogs “El Boyero of Flanders”

Its origin is in the region of Flanders, in Belgian. Crossings that has given us this race is not very well known, but is believed to have been the griffons and pastors of Beauce.

Pastor by nature, driver of herds of cows, is also used as a draught dog. Grazing can do even without the presence of its owner and without the need to receive orders. During the great war (World War I), been used as dogs of link that they carried messages between troops located in different locations, they reached almost disappear, but luckily to get some samples, this magnificent breed as a whole due to the excellent work of the Flemish breeders could rescue.

the dog

General characteristics:
Dreaded appearance due to its height and its powerful jaws, it has nothing to do with the character that is, insofar as it is a docile, quiet dog and balanced personality. Loyal to its owner and great with children, will be a great companion of games. All these qualities and their willingness not prevented is an excellent guard dog.

Black, mottled grey, grey mottled black and beige.

With two layers, the inside is soft and dense, while the external (long 5 cmts, approx.) it is hard and rough to the touch, such is the amount of hair will seem at first glance like a scruffy dog. Recommended regular cepillados and lead to slightly cut the hair about two or three times a year.

Large with a strong jaw, ears are medium-sized and high implantation.
Big and black truffle.

Strong, wide and muscular.

Robust but flexible

Previous tips:
Strong and compact

Strong and athletic.

High implantation, it cuts off leaving them some 10 cmts.

10 to 12 years.

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