Sexual education of the dog

We will not say it is for teachers of a taboo area, but there are still some reserves to speak freely. There are not really learning about sexuality. We refer to what rules to follow, as the master by the animal.

They are free, but …
They are free, of course, but there are limits! This is the law of social life of your dog. We see that it is normal to have some sexual desires but it is just as normal as you réprimiez. Should not put themselves in the place of the dog and complain. Certainly a pet subject to the lifestyle of his master is less sexually free a wild animal. But let your dog is socialized. This imposes certain rules of conduct.

Sexual education of the dog

However, some owners have the impression of being “castrating” containing their pet. It is common to hear about a dog: “He’s got to live his life. “But when it means rubbing the legs of passers, this is unacceptable. Certain rules are to be observed, that shall not prevent your dog live happily.

Puberty in male dogs is between ten and twelve months depending on the breed, the later being the largest (as German Mastiff) , because of their longer growing. In fact, heat is a sign of adulthood and indicate the end of growth.

This is why you should never castrate an animal too soon. It is best to wait for the first heat. But sexual manifestations may occur just before, about five or six months. So be careful from the beginning of education.

Sexual manifestations
They can exist either during periods of heat or outside them. During the heat: Females are in heat twice a year. The interrupt cycle is six months, but there are variations from one to two months. The heat lasts three weeks, during which the dog was bleeding and affects behavior a little different.

The female is not very “active” is not she find a male hand, but rather the males who come to see. During this period, she accepts their contact and the projection (it refuses outside heat). Males do not have periods very well defined. They are “in heat” when they feel a bitch in heat itself. That is all male dogs of a building or a block seem “crazy” when a bitch is in heat nearby. Then they sniff around and are very excited.

Outside heat: Male dogs tend to rub against the legs so somewhat equivocal. This is actually a mock projection. They can also make cushions. The male can lick the genitals. The female has sometimes rubs on her vulva, but events in the dog are less frequent than in the male.

Some dogs try to breed other species. They ride on the cat for example. These events often occur during the game. Puppy gets on his back, seeking caresses. Please be careful to not cause this request and not respond without realizing it.

Sexual education of the dog
It is very important to know that sexual manifestations were all, in the dog, to test the teacher’s authority and access to a position of domination (we remind you that, in nature, only the dominant access females).

As for the meal, it is important not to give in to maintain correct relations between animal and man. It is, moreover, very unpleasant for guests or outsiders to suffer the “assaults” of a dog rude and indifferent to see the master.

If an event “undesirable” (type friction on the legs) occurs, say: “Stop!” By pushing the puppy then: ” Sit down! “If he insists, send dryly in his basket. You can take it by the scruff of the neck and put in force.
It is interesting to note that, during the hot, females seeking the affection of the master as being male. Male dogs do the same with women. Must, whatever the case, push and mark the distances in the heat, avoid stroking too long, for example.

It is also unacceptable that a dog growls when his master of tender gestures towards his wife. This often smile masters, who are the “comment” touching. This is a brand domination and not tenderness. The dog should not regulate your life.

Master and surroundings must not accept any sexual behavior in their presence: if you need to protrude your dog or bitch, do not attend the projection. Sexual education of the dog consists mainly of prohibitions, of course. But these rules should not be guilt-especially for the master.
Dog sex in summary:

To do
– Suppress the desires of the dog, even natural, if you are the target
– Mark your distance from the animal during heat
– Monitor the dog’s attitude towards children
– Attend projections
– You feel guilty reduce his sexuality

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