Each time I bathe my dog?

Who we are dedicated to the canine and feline Dermatology journal heard this question; how often should I bathe my dog? And for sure this question admits as many answers as health conditions have skin and hairy mantle of the mascot.

It is vex popular than bathe very often to a canine removes his cloak of “fat protective” animals are naturally on the skin.

my dog

In some ways this is true: Lolos canines have a layer of lipids consisting of squalling, creamed, wax and cholesterol esters. In terms of health, this protective layer serves as the protect the skin, give shine and silkiness to the follicle mantle and prevent the animal to contract diseases external on your skin.

But it is also true that these healthy animals are dirty and acquire the classic “smell to dog”, which many times will depend on the type of fur that have.

Thus, dogs hair long (Golden Retriever, San Bernardo, Collies, Setter, etc) need a periodic bath necessarily in summer, due to its intolerance to heat. It can the owner deems this inappropriate situation, but the animal must be bathed, primarily for relief from the heat and secondly to prevent the bacteria that normally live on your skin, have possibility of producing opportunistic infections.

They should not necessarily suffer a dermatological condition to be bathed, we consider it to be a “hygienic” bathroom and it should take place when the smell of the dog so indicates. Much is also the physical activity of the animal: running, playing, wallowing in the Earth. In case of being bathed, these protective fat recover within 12 hours. It is important and essential is the brushed diary of these long-haired dogs.

Dogs hair short appear to be more resistant to dirt and bad odor. In them, the simple brushing can ensure a hair and skin healthy and vital. But inevitably, must be bathed when the smell of dog appears and this happens, as in the previous case, when the animal gets dirty, carries out intense physical activity, etc.-

If we decide to swim to a healthy pet, wear mild shampoos as the containing Cocobetaína and oats in its composition.

Now well: when an animal with dermatological disorders is submitted to consultation, whether infection, Seborrhea’s, Mycosis, etc., should be shelved the concept of “toilet bath” to replace it with the “therapeutic bath”.

The therapeutic bath, implies in general increase the frequency of baths using shampoos with generally more aggressive than the traditional therapeutic products: selenium sulfide, tar, chlorhexidine, benzyl peroxide, etc.

These therapeutic baths usually prescribed with frequencies of up to 48 hs., because the protective function of these natural fat has completely lost and therapeutic baths are indicated to restore the health of the skin.

So: should dogs bathe frequently? If they are healthy they bathe when they are dirty or to alleviate the effects of environmental temperatures, using gentle shampoos and when the animal presents pathology of skin frequent bathing with medicated products becomes essential.

We conclude that the owner of a healthy pet must bathing him when it is dirty and should lead to the query, when you consider that you’re animal is needed baths much more frequent than usual.

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