What causes dry eyes of a dog?

When a dry eye left untreated, can result in permanent damage to the affected eye, including blindness. Dogs who are going through any type of surgery or dental cleanings may require an anesthetic. Several anesthetics can cause lachrymal glands cease all production of tears. Fortunately, this production loss is only temporary and once the anesthesia is gone, tear production should return to normal.

dry eyes of a dog

Antibacterial Drugs: Sulfonamides

Any type of antibacterial drug containing sulfonamide can result in decreased tear production. Although this decrease is only temporary, it can still result in dry eye. When the drug is no longer used, tear production should return to normal. However, it may be necessary to supplement with artificial tears to the eye as prescribed by a veterinarian until recovers tear production.



Canine distemper

Canine distemper, a serious and well known in the world of veterinary infection, can also cause KCS occur in a dog. When the virus infects a dog distemper, can wreak havoc on the mechanism of tear production in the canine eye.


Eye infections

The infections eye is often characterized by some kind of unusual discharge. However, it should be noted that the yellow discharge can mean that dry eye is occurring.


Immunological Disorders

Certain immune disorders can attack and destroy the tear ducts of the eyes and also attack the lachrymal glands, resulting in decreased production of tears. When this occurs, dry eye is inevitable and many dogs also develop infections secondary eye as a result.


Self-inflicted wounds

Unfortunately, dry eye can result from the actions of the dog. For example, if dirt or even a hair in the eye, it is irritating to the dog and can be repeated with the leg in the eye to remove. Kicking this repeated action may cause damage to the eye, such as physical trauma or infection, which in turn may damage the tear ducts and the glands, resulting in dry eyes.


Treatment for dry eye in dogs

Treatment for dry eye may vary depending on the cause. For example, if an infection has occurred, treatment is aimed at curing the infection. In some cases, such as with an immune disorder, the dog may require eye drops for the rest of their lives to prevent further damage to your eyes.

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