How to care for my dog’s teeth

Maintaining oral hygiene of your dog is essential to prevent plaque damage your teeth and create bad breath. If you want to know how to care for your dog’s teeth and thus avoid the appearance of resulting conditions, do not miss this article.

One of the key aspects that must measure if you want to keep taking care of your dog’s teeth is their diet . Choosing the right think can make the difference between a healthy mouth and another impregnated with tartar and plaque. In this sense, it is best to opt for dry food, prepared as croquettes with adequate size to force your dog to chew, strengthening your teeth and removing any food attached to them.

dog's teeth

It is highly recommended that you brush your dog’s teeth once a day to remove food debris that dry food could not remove. Ideally, start with the dental cleaning from puppy to get used a sap, if you do not and begin to practice this technique cleaning when it is adult, you will see that the difficulty of the task is multiplied.

Toys made ​​of natural rubber or nylon help eliminate accumulated tartar on the teeth of your dog. So acquires one for play with him and strengthen their teeth. These types of toys have been listed as cleaners because, thanks to its hard structure, the dog must apply some force to bite, something that allows your teeth cleaned.

Toys are important, especially during puppy hood , as it is a crucial moment for your teeth. You should watch that does not bite objects like shoes or socks, since they could lead to premature wear of their teeth. Remember that positive reinforcement is the key to train your dog, so do not beat yourself up when you pick up an object that should not simply replace it with the correct and reward him when in use. It is advisable that the first toys are not too hard, keep in mind that within two or three months have the most teeth but these are more fragile than an adult dog. Ideally acquire strings containing, also, a soft part.

There are also a number of canine toothpaste as chewing bones that support the care of their teeth. It is important that are of quality and are approved by your veterinarian to be sure not to give toxic to your dog. Note that this type of toothpaste alone will not prevent the occurrence of tartar on the teeth of your dog should be complemented by daily brushing to get the expected result.

The daily oral inspections are essential to make sure your teeth are in perfect condition. To do this, you must carefully levanter upper lip of your dog and observe each of the teeth, then do the same with the lower jaw. Notice if there is presence of tartar, especially in canines and molars. Then, you must open its mouth to inspect the inside of the teeth. If you watch a lot of plaque or halitosis, you should go to your vet as soon as possible to perform a dental cleaning.

The small and toy breeds are more likely than medium and large to accumulate large amounts of tartar and plaque if attention to the care of your teeth is not paid. Therefore, it is important to take into account these recommendations and try to fulfill them all if you can belongs to these races. Try to purchase dry feed large size so that your can be forced to chew teeth every day.

It is always advisable that you take your dog to the vet regularly to Give you the relevant oral inspections both to prevent damage to your teeth to identify them in time if they have already occurred. The most effective is to choose a proper diet and brushing your teeth daily.

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