Dogs suffer from panic attacks?

The majority of dogs manifest themselves considered normal fear to a loud noise produced by storms (Thunder), Fireworks, firing of firearms and other types of thunderous noise; this is a natural response of the animal that causes a reaction of escape to avoid the “danger”.

In some cases, a dog will respond as improper or excessive against this type of stimulus with violent sound, unlike a normal response to these situations has induced fear that protects the animal from a potential danger, the phobic reaction or panic (panic attack) attack does not cause the dog a benefit, but rather a problem and a danger to its security Since in that State, the animal escapes injury and may in his escape out of control, hit, being hit by vehicles, destroying elements, hurt (e.g., to transfer railings, Windows, doors, wire mesh) and disorient is not able to return to your home, become aggressive towards people, etc.

Dogs suffer

This behavior of the dog can be influenced by genetic and hormonal factors, or traumatic events. Noise phobia is more common in dogs without a good early socialization and habituation to this type of noise, some races are more sensitive to phobias than others.

Generally, this pathology behavioral is associated with other problems of conduct such as the anxiety by separation, fear of strangers or other animals, aggression by fear, etc. Eventually, phobias tend to worsen if not treated in a professional manner.

The response of the guardian (trying to calm and reassure, or punishment for conduct that is the result of phobia) to the actions of the dog, these measures of correction can improve or worsen the table.

Dogs in a State of panic attack may have gasps, salivation, tremors, nausea, abdominal discomfort or s, escape, destroy things, barking excessively, howling or show aggressive behaviour.

Most of the dogs that are affected by induced noise phobias respond to loud sounds that include: shot by firearms, storms, or fireworks. The reaction can be induced by sound or other factors that precede it. For example, a dog may show fear to see a gun in a closet, because the animal related that element (the gun) with a loud noise which has previously been firing; or you can show a conduct wandering nervous before a storm, because it captures with its delicate senses changes in atmospheric pressure.

Treatment to follow in the panic attack involves apply the stimulus triggering fear without the animal comes to feel it. Do difficult right?, and that means this play on words As all behavioral treatment, in many cases the professional animal behavior, combines correcting undesired behavior with the pharmacology relevant if it were indicated.

Natural homeopathic treatment and acupuncture medicines usually do not produce the desired results in folios dogs, but it can be an additional alternative to a behavior modification plan.

Some dogs are treated causing a mild sedation shortly after administration (must dosage is 30-60 minutes before a storm or the Fireworks).
Other dogs need to be early on a daily basis, if the storm or the celebrations last several days.

But the best and effective remedy for a phobic dog is a behavior modification program; check with the veterinarian and, if necessary, that derives it to a specialist in animal behavior assessment the animal. The specialist may develop an appropriate plan for every phobia in particular.

The treatment protocols involve systematic desensitization and. An example of treatment protocol would record the sound of a storm and play in a similar environment and can be dark with lamps that burn and turn off simulating lightning and Thunder, while simultaneously feeds the dog with something pleasant to your tastes, then associate the situation with a food to your liking, something similar can be done with other types of hisses the training period can take several weeks or a few months, but the dog will have learned that the noise does not represent a danger.

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