Why do dogs rub their butts on the ground

The view of the family pet dragging his butt on the carpet can be comical, but your dog is doing it as more than a way to get attention. There are several reasons for this discomfort as a normal itching. However, the anal glands of your dog can be bothering.

Some people think that your dog drag her butt on the floor to relieve anal itching, but in some cases, dogs may have an inflammation of the anal glands need to be emptied. The anal glands are located just below the tail of your dog and above his rectum. The glands are normally emptied when the dog defecates. But in some cases the process is hampered by an infection or irregular bowel movements, and your dog needs help to drain the glands.

dogs rub



If the dog continues dragging her anus on the floors, they can develop skin tear or rupture which can lead to infection. This will cause the anus and swollen glands, but the damage will not affect the health of your dog overall, according to Pet Education a website that provides specialized information about different pets.
The dog groomers and veterinarians can check for swelling of the anal glands and alleviate inflammation by removal of the glands. Pet owners can also check your dogs glands in locating them above the dog’s anus, just under the tail. If the glands are swollen and need to be emptied, will feel round. When not swollen, you can still feel, but the way would not be so prominent and glands will be hard to find. To empty the glands, a groomer or vet puts his thumb in position eight swollen glands and index finger is placed in the position of the four . Then, pressure is applied firmly, causing a fluid jet exit two holes, one on each gland.


The sausages and dogs shih tzu tend to require more attention than other breeds and may need help to empty the glands. Another sign of swollen glands include, but are not limited to, biting and excessive licking anus and tail-chasing.


If your dog’s glands are especially inflamed, you may need your vet do an internal evacuation, implying that a veterinarian insert a finger or an instrument in your dog’s anus. If your dog has a chronic problem, a procedure to remove the glands called anal sacculectomía, it may be necessary. Some dogs with recurring problems can be placed on diets high in fiber to add bulk to the stool of the dog. The pressure applied while defecate helps empty the glands.