Why some dogs have dark spots under your eyes?

In many dogs fur especially the poodle toy miniature, of course, you can see a stain of brown color in the hair in the nose angle of the eye. It also occurs in some cats, usually of Persian race. It is an aesthetic problem called epiphora, caused by excessive production of tears flowing through the lower area of the eye.

The change of hair color occurs when the normal bacteria of the hair and skin react with tears. Normally occur constantly tears that drain out to through small ducts in the eyelids, these ducts are emptied in the nose (why get aqueous fluid through the nose when he cries). In animals when the ducts are blocked, tears run down.

dark spots

There are several causes of this problem. Breeds of dogs miniatures and Persian cats have more prominent eyes, this causes a stretching of the eyelid and can block the system of drainage into the nose, it is the most common cause, and it is very little that can be done to correct it. Some animals are born with a system of draining abnormal which may or may not be surgically fixed. Sometimes the eyelids are reversed and block the drainage, this can be solved by surgery.

The hair can act as absorbing, extracting tears of the eye, it can be corrected by cutting the hair in the area. Also the excess of tears can be caused by an eye irritation caused by a foreign body in the eye, allergy or entropion (eyelid inward investment produced an irritation in the cornea), this condition is corrected through surgery, because ulcer of cornea and chronic inflammation may lead to blocking the drainage and producing the epifor. These pathologies are painful and have to be dealt with immediately by the veterinarian.

The continuous humidity of the area produced by tears may produce irritation and infection, keep the area clean and your hair on a regular basis, be cut if it is necessary to use any cream anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, if the lesion becomes larger it must rely on veterinary, more severe cases may require the application of s inject able or oral antibiotic and other treatment alternatives.
There are some products to clarify stains, but they can irritate the eyes if they come into contact with them, if you are using any of these products, previously must be put in the eyes some ophthalmic ointment.

It should prevent and treat that external or physical agents producing further irritation as e.g.: avoid staying outside the days of wind, especially if you fly powder, not draw the head out of the window when traveling by car, keep clean the area and consult the veterinarian before any doubt.

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