Why do dogs drag their butt on the floor?

It is called “scooting” when dogs put their butt back flat on the floor and pull themselves forward with their front legs. Dogs perform this behavior inside and outside your home. This can leave marks and stains on your floor, as the dog can go dirty for having defecated. Not only is this behavior leaves stains on the carpet, but it is also a sign of anal gland affected which can become a serious medical condition.

Dogs drag their ass to help alleviate any irritation under their tails. This area is sometimes a place where dogs have difficulty to clean, especially if they are overweight or suffer from arthritis. When a dog drags means that something is bothering you in the anal area and should be checked by a veterinarian. The most common reason is dragging his butt to empty their anal glands, according to veterinarian Dr. Douglas Brum.

do dogs drag

Creeping releases secretions in dog anal glands, located on either side of the anus. Normally, the anal glands are emptied when the dog defecates. This helps to place the personal scent dog on stool. But sometimes the glands are not emptied, leaving the dog with a sense of unease. The drag on the floor helps to empty them and make them feel better.

Warning signs
If the anal glands are not emptied regularly, the dog may develop a condition called anal gland anal sac disease, according to “Dog Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook”. The secretions become infected and cause the anal sacs become inflamed which can cause tumors. Dogs anal sacs infected with not only drag his ass, but also bite and lick the anal region more often than usual. After crawling, the usual clear secretions and blood will be opaque.

If the dog is not only drag, but also lose weight by diarrhea, have fine or dull coat or cough, then the dog may be infected with parasites, according to American Veterinary Medical Association . Internal parasites such as roundworms and tapeworms shed their eggs in dog feces. These can make the dog back under. Look under the tail and hind legs behind her something that looks like white rice. These are the eggs of the bag. If you do not treat these parasites can eventually kill your dog.

A dog pulls on a regular basis needs to take to the vet to find if you have any disease, parasites and foreign objects stuck in his anus. The dog may be able to need surgery or medication to deworm. If this is not the case, the vet can show you how to empty the anal glands of your dog. People in the service grooming for dogs also know how to do this. It is normal for the clear liquid that comes out of the anus of the dog that has strong and fish-like smell.

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