Why dogs like to have a Doghouse?

The domestication of the dog is a fairly recent event in the history of the order Carnivore on Earth. Although the wild Candies have been millions of years ago, makes only a little thousand which are domestic and coexist with man, for that reason still retain some “wild” Customs and one of them is the instinct of stay at any time of the day in a place of isolation which can be your “Doghouse” or any other place of the House where you feel protected.

Canines have a defined instinct to be “protected” in a den or under something, if they don’t have one available will be your own, it is common to see the dogs under furniture table, desk, bed, car, etc. One of the reasons that dogs make wells is that he wants to make a burrow or refuge which feels like “their own place”.


Many people hate the idea of “cage” to your pet, justifying that it is cruel and is robbing freedom, this is not true, when an animal is educated with the method of the cage, it will look for frequently entering the same when he is tired or want to stay alone, isolated and anyone bothering, he usually gets their food near the cage It has a good padding and their favorite toys. What dog wouldn’t to stay in a place with so many luxuries? Many people leave a cage available for your dog so that he has his own place to go, the door is always open and the animal comes and goes when he wants to. For him it is not a cage confinement, but its den or “cache” where he feels safe and secure.

Other advantages of the cage:

Security for the dog and the home: taking the Cub into a cage can protect the home from destruction of shoes, newspapers, magazines, curtains, and a long etc., related to separation anxiety while is far or does not control it. Yes, the puppy is accustomed to placed it in the cage, will feel comfortable in it and Yes is 15 or 20 minutes before leaving, ignoring him, he will not notice the absence of their guardians and is a very good education to prevent separation anxiety and destructive disadvantages that brings this problem in the behavior of the animal. Also prevents the puppy chew electrical wires endangering his life or that it swallowed foreign bodies that produce disorders or obstructions (sometimes severe) in the digestive tract.

On a trip, bring it in a basket or cage protects the animal from any accident and the driver of the car, because if you loose you can enter between the feet of the driver to hinder its handling and cause an accident, or also in a braking sharp can hurt is not go content. If a cage is chosen to have the dog at a certain time, are you will be doing a favor to the dog that gives it its own “Doghouse”?

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