The herbal medicine to treat his dog with plants

Poor Snoopy! This small active temperament dog spends his days next to the pile of wood, the air head wedged between two logs. Its back generates more the beautiful deep energy which I loved connect me the evening, both Palms flat on his neck and rump. His long wavy hair black and white, that I love so much grooming, dwindled, and its skin, dotted with small dry dandruff, itchy it furiously.

Plants for the older dog
It merited a visit to the veterinarian , which, fortunately, was not serious disease: no fever, no parasites, a blood test normal, maybe a somewhat large prostate and a beginning of osteoarthritis in the hindquarters, but nothing alarming for a dog 8 years old.

dog with plants

Back at home, I decided tointensify the pace of outputs and spend a little more time to play with him. And especially I buried in the reading of The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette de Bairacli Levy. To form without gravity decreases, the Priestess advised use of ‘black’, such as elderberry, Blueberry or BlackBerry fruit, given crushed on a meal of cereals or infusion with honey.

Not having these fruits on hand, I opted for its no. 2 Board, nettle, firearm anti-fatigue interesting for its great mineral wealth. Its aerial part contains vitamins of Group B, folic acid, silica, zinc… which affect skin irritations and the health of the hair, help repair cartilage worn dogs suffering from osteoarthritis.

Its natural iron gives tonic properties. I discovered the passage that the root of this very pungent herb could also relieve the embarrassing events of theenlarged prostate… Snoopy was gone for a cure 100% nettle!

Principles of herbal medicine for dog
Thanks to his scientific training, veterinary herbal medicine, which is often also homeopath and nutritionist microdraws within an expanded Toolbox the remedies best suited. Depending on the case, he will choose an allopathic treatment (conventional treatment, recommended by veterinarians) or herbal preparation.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, there is unfortunately no allopathic medication for each condition. Thus, to combat the virus of kennel cough, may prescribe the natural association as EPS (registered name) echinacea + liquorice + Cypress.

Include the association cassis + Meadowsweet and horsetail, effective in growth epiphysitis, causes of pain due to the crash of the cartilage of the knees and elbows in large breeds of dogs.

Most of the time, will he opt for a combination of two, or even three plants, as for example not only to help the liver to regenerate after chemotherapy or treatment of Piroplasmosis artichoke Thistle + desmodium, but also to empty the gallbladder which will eliminate the remnants of drugs.

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