How much is paid to dog walkers?

More than 43 million families in the United States have at least one dog as a pet. The busy schedules often make it difficult for owners of pets provide adequate exercise for their dogs, so many contract a professional dog walker.

Official data
The Bureau of Labor Statistics not record revenue for dog walkers so no official data. Revenue from dog walkers vary greatly depending on hours worked, the number of dogs paraded and the amount of charge per ride. Proceeds from a dog walker depend largely on the ability of the walker, the number of clients they have and the amount they charge.


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Average Prices

Rates vary depending on the number of trips per week, if the walk is private or group and the duration of the walk. The average price of a private walk half an hour from random sampling (in October 2010), is as follows: Chicago U.S. $ 14, New York $ 18, Los Angeles U.S. $ 18 and Louisville, Kentucky $ 15.
Since there are no official figures of profits, a dog walker can independently calculate future earnings as follows: Multiply the number of dogs that you walk, the number of walks per week and the value of each walk to determine weekly earnings. For example, a person who walks 11 dogs five times a week to $ 20 per ride will earn U.S. $ 1,100 a week. (11 x 5 walks dogs to $ 20 each trip = U.S. $ 1,100).