Home remedies to remove dog urine odor

Remove the urine smell dog in an area of your home requires the implementation of an ingredient or neutralize the solution. The substances that work well for most pet owners are vinegar, baking soda, detergent and water. Most of these ingredients have the added value that also remove stains.

dog urine odor

Vinegar Solution
A mixture of three parts water to one part vinegar usually eliminates urine odor dog , and also removes the stain. The first urine stain must be soaked to remove excess liquid before applying the solution. Then you must saturate the stain and then be dried with a dry towel. Once dry, be powdered sodium bicarbonate thereon. An additional measure is to mix 3/4 cup of peroxide of hydrogen with a few drops of detergent and add the baking soda. After this mixture worked on the carpet can be removed by vacuuming. Test on a small portion of the carpet with peroxide before using entire amount, to check for colorfastness.

Bleach and water
On areas where color is resistant to bleach, other recipe to remove urine odor dog is to wash the stain with a solution of bleach and water. After applying this solution, the spot should be rinsed several times with water to avoid leaving residues of bleach in the area.

Wet vacuum
Can be used on wet vac urine stains dog to remove both the stain and the smell. It is important not to use any detergent or heat liquids vacuum cleaners (as with steam cleaners). The heat would set the stain and odor.

Apply borax on the stain to remove the smell of urine. Used similarly to sodium bicarbonate, is sprinkled on the stain, rubbed with a little water and then dry the residue. Borax, however, be used with care, eat less than 5 grams is lethal to children and pets.