Dog Training

Some basic rules

To educate means to teach a dog to live with the host without creating inconvenience and be with other people and other animals,including species other than their own.

When to start training

You can start educating the dog as a child: a baby just two months is very receptive and is already able to learn the basics.It ‘important that education starts as soon as the new host comes home and is given in view of the dog that you want to have as an adult.


Immediately determine the hierarchical relationship

The dog’s instinct to look at its core,both animal and human,a leader of the pack: the master must assert itself as such and the dog,recognized his authority,be willing to accept the orders given by him.The dominant position of the master must be recognizable by certain behaviors,such as the animal in crossing precede the doors,eat before him and choose the places of the house where the dog can stand,it is also important not to suffer the actions of the dog are they game or other.

Education should be imparted to the whole family

All family members are welcomed in the house where the puppy must contribute to his education.It ‘important that this happens evenly and to avoid creating situations in which a family is more “good” and one more “bad” or that one contradicts the other with his order,and this only serves to confuse the dog do not know whom to listen to.

Learning by playing

If you are taught the basic commands and rules through the main game the dog will learn faster. Must not force the animal to try to educate them but when it is available, the game helps a lot because it makes sure that the dog has to learn without it becoming for him a kind of work.

Rewards and punishments

The principle of reward and punishment is the basic education of the dog.Is the reward that the punishment if they make sense given the immediacy of the action of the animal,otherwise it will not associate what they did to what he received.And ‘advisable to maintain a certain consistency in punishments and rewards as in making sure that the same action is praised or condemned at all times by those responsible for education.

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