Collar Pet safe Deluxe Dog Trainer with remote

These systems training collar and remote are a handy tool to educate in a safe, comfortable and effective for your pet. Soon you’ll have a perfectly polite and obedient pet. The collar includes a remote control where the corrections are issued simply pressed a button. Pet safe is the world leading brand of electronic trainers. Its mission is to ensure the safety of your pet by providing the tools and techniques to train your dog successfully.

Collar Pet safe Deluxe

With this necklace po dra make necessary corrections during training even if the dog is far away. You do not have to leave corr iendo or shout like a madman dentras your dog when scarce e.g. during their training sessions. You can walk with your dog calmly down the street without belt.

1. Model 350 m Trainer Deluxe.

This necklace is suitable for small and medium dogs from 3.6 kg to 18 kg.

Technical features:

-Range up to 350 meters.
-Water resistant.
-Beep function only for flexibility training.

It can be used for simultaneous training 2 dogs with additional receiver collar (sold separately).
2. Collar Trainer Deluxe 900 m.

This necklace is suitable for large dogs over 18 kilos.

Technical features:

-Range up to 900 meters.
-Water resistant.
-Beep function only for flexibility training.

It can be used for simultaneous training of 2 with additional receiver collar (sold separately).

How to use: put the dog collar receiver, making sure that the receiver is set to the neck (should be fair but not tight). When you need to make an order press the corresponding button on the remote, the transmitter automatically sends a signal activating the Receiver Collar leading the dog by giving a small download (annoying for the dog but not harmful). The LCD digital display shows the level of intensity that is being used. Soon the dog will learn to associate the correction with his behavior. Not suitable metallic medals hanging near the sensor is not activated incorrectly.

The kit includes:

-Adjustable receiver collar, rechargeable battery.
-Rechargeable transmitter with large LCD digital display.
-Universal adapter.
-Manual operation.

You can purchase the extra collar for the simultaneous use of the device with two dogs.

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