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Dog chews on the toy includes basic equipment of every dog ​​owner.Even as puppies chew robust support to the young dog at the gear change and ensures that their footwear and home furnishings will be spared.Even adult dogs love their chew toy,wear it proudly through the region with growing enthusiasm around and chew on it.The best chew toys for dogs can be found in this category.

Intelligence toy

Here you will find a huge variety of intelligence toys for dogs.Classics from Nina Ottosson,and other leading manufacturers of intelligent dog toys require your dog mentally and physically.Also strengthens the common bond between games,the dog owner and dog.Work out with her dog’s solution.Whether beginner or expert,here you find the perfect interactive advertising for every level of skill games for their dog.Our snack toys provide fun and action.

dog toys

Floating toys

Is there anything better than a mad dog water?Whether puddle,pond,pond,lake or equal to the ocean,some pets are at the sight of water can no longer hold.Wild leaps into the water,hunting and elegant water splashing ashore after first time master or mistress when shaken properly wet.For these unforgettable moments here robust,colorful floating toys from leading manufacturers.

Latex & Rubber

Dog toy made of latex should prefer particular puppy owners and owners of young dogs,because your little rascal with his pointed teeth often chew on the toy is not only complete but it chews and swallows parts of it.Latex hardens in the stomach and intestinal tract and is not excreted normally without problems.In this section you will find a huge selection of latex and rubber toys for dogs.

Dog Snack Rugby Ball

For the friends robust ball games,we present the popular series of Trixie Dog Activity Treat Ball in Rugby this form.Manufactured from Natural Rubber Treat Ball is part of the difficulty level 1 and can be filled with treats that are not included.

Fill the rugby ball with treats and you can start hunting the wild behind the ball.Wild and unpredictable,the rugby ball bounces around and is captured by your hunting dog behind.Already roll out the first Leckerechen and your dog will be rewarded directly for their success.Available in two sizes and various colors.Color selection by us,depending on availability.

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