Teach his dog to travel

It will provide this training even if you are not a great explorer. There is nothing more painful than being forced to forego travel pretext that the dog does not support travel, or to deprive him of his dog travel . Cons-unless medically indicated, all dogs can travel if you taught them. You can leave your home for an evening, but take him on holiday!

We’ll see how calm tensions. Indeed, whatever the mode of transport, the master stress is often the cause of anxiety and disorders of the dog.

dog to travel

This is obviously the habit of traveling young will improve the situation. Education in this area, except for the car is difficult. It is much more a matter of building trust of the animal and the master that learning.

By car
Many puppies vomit or salivate car lot. They sometimes do at the mere sight of the vehicle. To avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, you can make a very short journey to begin. Because it is a vicious circle: the dog vomits because he is worried sick and the fact scares him. Therefore he gets to ride in a car at least once without vomiting. It will then be reassured.

Short trips can reduce the nausea, because they simply do not have time to appear. You can also leave your car open if you have a garden so that the dog can enter alone. Often being squeezed and force the dog to get in the car just to annoy him.

You can also use anti-emetics. They have the advantage of preventing the dog to vomit and remove the anxiety attached to this event. But it will quickly it on. Despite these precautions, some dogs are still sick car.Never leave the dog in the car walk briskly through the front to the back. Do not get on your knees to drive! The dog must lay at your feet (if you are a passenger, of course).

Do not let it go on the bench if you want to keep a clean car. If the dog does not accept this situation, do not hesitate to keep in leaves in the car and force him to sit down.

Never go alone with the dog for a first trip. And you can not lead and manage the difficulties of the situation at the same time. It’s your choice! For longer trips, breaks are essential.

Boat, plane, train …
It is not, in these cases, a real learning. You will not scold your dog if he is afraid in the hold. It must be very confident yourself when putting the animal in the cage. It was only as he accepts. You can also use sedatives (talk with your veterinarian).

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