The dog stirred

Some dogs are not in place. The manifestations of this hustle and bustle are barking, the jumps, the tension on the leash, fifty and forth along the garden… Apartment living is difficult. The dog up on the chairs, in down at every opportunity. He sleeps very little.

It irritates the master which more supporting the dog, it is booming or avoid its contact. The dog would then attempt to attract his attention struggling even more. Need to quickly find a solution because the agitation as the destruction is a common cause of separation.

The triggering causes :

The dog stirred

Anxiety is often associated with supporting causes, the catalyst that allows the appearance of disorder. The dog is unable to control himself when he sees come the departure of his master, when he finds himself in a new place, where it faces an unknown situation. He became irritable and the master avoids these new situations.

The socialization
A bad start socialization can also trigger unrest. The puppy who has never seen other animals will have behavior of excitement as soon as he is in contact with an animal. Similarly, it will be hard to control himself in the presence of several people. Children will tickle it easily. The unchecked enthusiasm play sessions (tightness, Cree…) also lead to permanent excitation behavior.

Supporting causes :
It is often alone that it charges this abnormal behavior. But it in fact that they are associated with triggering causes.

The race
It must be recognized that there are a few breeds predisposed to the hustle and bustle. We stress again the interest of the right choice of a race. It is obvious that it is better to choose a quiet race when you have children (such as King – Charles) or if one is old. Poodles, Terriers and hounds are often nervous, although they do are not necessarily all excited.

The age
The young dog is more restless than the adult, but the fuss must have limits. A dog that eats everything and that stops stir can be filed under “abnormally” agitated animals.

Their way of life
The master living conditions that are not suitable for the needs of the dog support the hustle and bustle. The dog can suffer from a lack of exercise. The personality of the master is also involved: those who are constantly “running” tend to “manufacture” a restless animal.

What to do if your dog is shaking?
If you choose a breed that is prone to this type of behavior, focus learning levels of the callback in the quiet should be i.e.: “Sit!”, “Lying!” and “to shopping cart! Be careful at the game at home and outside meetings. They must always be controlled by the master and be able to stop as soon as he wishes.

You can do ‘games-exercises’ to force the animal to stop a session to the word “Stop!”, this is to avoid all excitement. Once a nervous dog gets excited, it will lose interest in him momentarily and then congratulate him as soon as he calms down and goes down.

The quiet first of all : Please take yourself an attitude, very peaceful. Avoid shouting, noise… You must impose the calm before each situation. You can also use the game’s sessions if they are highly structured.

Run an object that the dog must report. So that happens to control himself, ask – him to drop it at your feet. Don’t mind the dog and don’t praise when he will be let go the object, it will be lying and will once again become quiet.

The key is to limit the causes of excitation as a first step and to do nothing when the dog is excited (no walks, no caresses…). Then multiply “risk” situations little by little and praise the dog when he keeps his cool, or as soon as it is found.

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