How should I handle a fight between my dog ​​and the other in a dog park?

A dog park is a place where your dog can socialize and interact with other canines. It may be an evening of fun and exercise for you and your dog. But it is also a potential risk, since dogs can fight. The herd management in dogs makes them want to establish a hierarchy, which can mean a competition which sometimes leads to violence. Typically, the fights are between dogs of the same sex, although fights between females are rare. It is essential to be able to break these fights between dogs and avoid being hurt. Dogs can become extremely aggressive when they are fighting and may bite their owners or other people involved.

dog park



Train up another dog owner or other person in the park to help you handle the fight.

Grab your dog’s hind legs and lift them up like a wheelbarrow, while the other dog owner picks it up in the same way. This position allows the dog is unable to bite.
Separate the dogs and make sure they are not.

Put a leash on your dog’s collar. Turn in circles and stay away from the other dog slowly. Your dog will be forced to walk sideways and can not hurt you or others.

Take the dog to a sandbox as your home, kennel or garage. Do not let go until you’re in this space.