Dog Medal: what use?

Put a medal to his dog, it may seem incidental to some, but like other identification techniques, the medal has a true value.
With the obligation of the electronic chip that will gradually become mainstream, the interest of the medal pet has been declining.

Dog Medal

However if your pet is lost, the medal is the first thing that will be consulted before the tattoo or chip.

The information to be put on the Medal for dogs
If your dog gets lost or escapes, the good Samaritan who will find his path will be first reflex to watch if he wears a medal.
To avoid that person to pass by a veterinarian or the mounted police to identify your pet, here are several information that can appear on the Medal for dog:
-One or two numbers of phones (if possible)
-Your name
-The name of your town of residence

Do not enter the name of the dog on the medal
The medal is originally made for the name of the dog that the door. It is easier to bring the dog to itself by calling it by its name.
But the adverse effect is that an attacker can steal a dog much easier by knowing its name!
Goes same for its electronic chip number : do appear on the medal would facilitate the work of thieves who wish to falsify a passport.
This, prefer the number of CCS (Société Centrale Canine), which lists the coordinates of bullets and tatoutes animals.

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